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Do You Have To Give Pay Stubs To Your Employees?

With the HR industry constantly shifting with various laws changing, it’s not always easy to know what is legally required. This can pose a problem for both employees and employers as they try to know how they must document their work hours. While many countries do not require that a worker has to be paid officially by their employer, employees need to get pay stubs.

What Are Pay Stubs?

A pay stub is a document that shows an employee’s wages and deductions for a specific pay period. It also shows the net pay amount for the pay period. These pay stubs are used by the employee as proof of their earnings, as it shows what they have been paid, their deductions, and taxes paid. 

For employers, it provides a legal basis of how much money the employee is paid in full. It also provides a legal foundation for the employer when they need to deduct taxes from their employee’s pay. 

What Information Is Included on a Pay Stub?

Pay stubs usually have several sections, which include the employee’s name, address, Social Security number, and wages earned. The payroll section usually includes:

  • Wages (gross & net pay)
  • Pay period information
  • Hours worked
  • Employee’s rate of pay
  • Total earnings for the pay period
  • Taxes & Deductions
  • Overtime pay and Gratuities
  • Accrued holiday pay

Basic Concepts

  • Gross wages are the total amount of money earned before any deductions are made.
  • Net pay is the amount of money that an employee receives after all deductions have been made.
  • Pay period information includes the start and end date of the pay, as well as the hours worked and rate of pay.
  • Total earnings for the pay period are the total pay for the period less any contributions (including dollar-for-dollar matching contributions).

Who Needs To Provide Pay Stubs To Employees?

Employers are not required by federal law to provide pay stubs to employees, but many choose to do so as a way of tracking hours worked and wages paid. Some employers are required to provide pay stubs to their employees, even if they do not want to. The Fair Labor Standards Act, and state laws, require some employers to provide pay stubs to their employees. Pay statements generally have undergone a lot of restrictions over time because they state how employers like to use a different form of taxation as well as there may also be accounting purposes for individuals themselves to use a paystub generator cheap in their personal financial health regime.

In addition, Employers who choose to provide pay stubs must accurately fill out Form W-2 (Wage and Tax Statement). It must be completed for each full-time, part-time, and seasonal employee for whom a Form W-2 was issued. If an employer chooses to provide Form W-2s to their employees, he must do so no later than February 15th following the end of the company’s fiscal year. 

Employers who provide these forms electronically must file the information using Internal Revenue Service Form 1096-C. Many states have their own laws governing how pay stubs are to be provided.

How Do Employees Receive Their Pay Stubs?

Employees receive their pay stubs either through the mail or through an electronic system. This is the traditional method of paying employees. Most payroll systems receive pay data directly from employers and automatically generate pay stubs on behalf of each employee.


In the United States, most employees receive their pay stubs electronically. They can access them through their employer’s online payroll system. Employees can also print out a copy of their pay stub if they want a physical record.

Once a payment date has been established by the employer, the payroll software will create a pay stub containing all of the information that the employer has specified, such as how much the employee received in pay and how much they paid in taxes.

What Do Employees Do If They Lose Their Pay Stubs?

Employees who lose their pay stubs may ask their employers for copies of their W-2 forms, which will list all of the wages that they have earned during the year. These copies will include the amount of taxes that were withheld. The employee may also be able to access their pay stubs through the company’s HR system. If the employer does not have a centralized HR system, the employee can still obtain their pay stubs from the human resources department of the company.

Can An Employee Request An Advance From Their Pay Stub?

Yes, an employee can request an advance from their pay stub. This can be done by contacting the employer or payroll department. If the employer does not have a payroll department, the employee may request this information from their supervisor. Employees who use payroll software can either request their advance pay stubs directly from the software or through the HR department.

How Can Employees Access Their Pay Stub History?

Employees may access their pay stub history by logging into their accounts on the company website. They can then view a list of all pay stubs that have been generated for them. They can also access pay stub information by sending a request to the company, or requesting that they be sent a copy of their pay stub history by calling their human resources department.

What Are Pay Stubs Generally Used For?

A pay stub is a document that shows an employee’s wages and deductions for a pay period. It is used to record the hours worked during that period. Pay stubs are generally used to provide employees with information about their pay, such as the amount of money they earned and the amount of taxes they paid.

Pay stubs can be used to verify an employee’s wages and to ensure that the correct amount of taxes have been withheld.They are also used to calculate employees’ taxes and fill out an employee’s W-2 form. Pay stubs may also be used to prove employment history and income when applying for a loan or other type of credit.

Final Thoughts

A pay stub is not designed to be a payroll software program, but it can help with complicated calculations for employers that want to add more than one employee and pay them out of a single account. Pay stubs are a handy way for employees to keep track of their earnings, deductions, and taxes paid. They provide a snapshot of what an employee has earned in a given pay period, and employers can use them to ensure they comply with state law.


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