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Does Undergoing Surgery Enable You to Get More Compensation In Personal Injury Claims? 

Being the victim of an accident for no fault of yours can be traumatic. However, if you require surgery for effective treatment, you will also need to bear the cost, which can be steep in many cases. Even though undergoing surgery after an auto accident, for example, does drive up your treatment costs considerably, it doesn’t need to increase the value of your personal injury claim settlement. The insurance company will disallow the cost of surgery if it deems the surgery unnecessary. Even though you may be suffering from trauma and emotional distress, you should be alert to suggestions of undergoing needless surgery to drive up the claim amount.

Why Are Surgeries Often Expensive?

While your medical practitioner should be the last word on your need for surgery, you also need to understand its financial ramifications. Apart from the simple ones, surgeries tend to be expensive. Since insurance companies have to include compensation for a surgery after an accident in the claim settlement, they will try their best to prove it was not necessary.

Surgeries are expensive due to their many cost components. In addition to the fees charged by the surgeon and his team, you need to also pay for the services of an anesthesiologist and other specialists. Your bill will also include amounts for the charges of the Operation Theater, medical supplies, and equipment used to carry out the procedure. You will also have to bear the cost of the post-surgery recovery and recuperation, including extended stays in the hospital. The cumulative effect makes the final bill for the surgery zoom, which is why insurance companies will do whatever they can to reduce the cost or even disallow it.

Need For the Surgery Should Be the Deciding Factor

You should agree to surgery when it is clearly the best option for your treatment. It is important to appreciate that despite the skill of the surgeon and the best hospital facilities, surgeries carry risks of various types. Even if the surgery is successful, there is always the chance of secondary infections that may need extra treatment. Complications during the surgery may cause damage to the areas near the surgical site that may require additional treatment. Some people may have allergic reactions to anesthesia, and sometimes, the patient does not recover well and may even die. According to Very Well Health, you should consider less invasive treatment before deciding to undergo surgery.


You should never act on the advice of people who suggest you go for surgery to drive up the claim value to benefit doctors and lawyers. You should carefully review the need for surgery with medical experts and undertake one only if it is the best course of action. Insurance companies can deny you compensation if they think the surgery was unnecessary. Your goal is to undergo treatment for effective recovery and get compensated fairly for your expenses and trauma. It is, for this reason, you must identify and engage an experienced lawyer with a good track record of personal accident claim settlement. You should disclose all the facts of the case and rely on him to look out for your best interests.

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