Does Your Roof Need a Repair Service? The Signs That You Need to Look Out For

Roof damage is a serious issue that can adversely impact the structural integrity of your home or any building. Unluckily, there are a few homeowners who are unaware of repairing roof adjustments or repairs. And if you fail to recognize the signs of repair, your roof might get completely ruined.

Here are some signs that will let you know that your roof needs a repair.

  1. A leaky roof

A standard sign of leakage includes standing water, water stains, and moisture in your attic. And if you get to see these during rains, it means the roof has holes that you should seal. Moisture can contract and expand the roof with temperature changes. It indicates that the materials beneath can expand in size and impact the overall roof integrity if you delay fixing the cracks.

That aside, moisture will also result in mildew. With increased water accumulation, mold can spread from your roof to other house parts. Hence, it’s essential to seal these cracks the moment you find them.

  1. Completely damaged shingles

Storms, rain, and hail has an adverse impact on the shingles. It is necessary to check for missing and damaged shingles and substitute them if you stay in a place that has extreme weather conditions. The curled end is a notable sign that you need to be aware of, as it suggests that the shingles have worn out. Usually, the shingles are dark-colored, denoting it has moisture and can affect your roof. And in case the issue is widespread, you need to replace your roof.

  1. Presence of granules in the gutter

Make sure to check the gutters during daily roof inspections. The sand-like granules are present on the shingle pieces and gutters. It indicates that the shingles will not work for long. Usually, the shingles break with age. Also, with rains, the granules get carried at the gutter. That’s why if there are granules in the gutters, it indicates that your roof requires expert attention. And in the case the amount is huge, there might be a need for replacement.

  1. A peeled off paint

When moisture develops close to the roofline, it can peel off the paint. And that results in discolored sections in the roof, that can lead to yellow, brown, and grey shades. Hence, if you find that the paint of the roof is getting blistered towards the end, you need to opt-in for repair. Even the discolored wall parts close to the roof signify that your roof needs repair. The moment the roof gets fixed, you should repair your walls to restore the initial look.

  1. The sagged rafters

The roof must be steady and straight. Hence, if you find the roof rafters sagging or bending, it denotes water accumulation. It’s necessary to get a roofing contractor to inspect it and repair it.

Once you notice these signs, you will realize that it’s time to repair your roof. To know more about it, you can check out Wegner Roofing & Solar. Only an expert roofing service provider can tell you whether you need a roof repair or roof replacement.



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