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Even in the midst of murderous Russian raids, Western indifference is Kyiv’s deadliest enemy.Simon Tisdal

a A two-day-old baby died in an attack on a maternity ward in southern Ukraine.officials say At least 437 children died Since the Russian invasion began. Over 800 were injured. No one knows how many children will be permanently traumatized.

every day, Vladimir Putin Get away with murder.

The Zaporizhia nuclear power plant has come under fire again despite repeated UN warnings of a catastrophe across Europe. In liberated Kherson, More Gruesome Evidence of War Crimes has been clarified. Wherever the Russians go, it’s the same horror story.Every day, murderers go unpunished.

A constant wave of indiscriminate missile attacks darkens the skies of Ukraine, shattering apartments, clinics, shopping centers and schools. Moscow no longer even pretends to target its military. Its purpose: terrorize civilians.

Destroying electricity, heat and water supplies to major cities already suffering from food and medicine shortages is key to Putin’s Winter War. He seeks to defeat the will of Ukraine, risking millions of people besieged in snow and ice. Every day he commits crimes against humanity.

Russia’s red-handed army of murderous generals, incompetent field commanders, out-of-control soldiers and ill-fated conscripts attempt genocide – Extinction of nations and people – plain sight.

The European Parliament voted last week to declare Russia part of the European Union. state sponsor of terrorism. good. Order Putin’s arrest now! Issue a warrant to the president and all his gangs. expel the lying diplomatPunish his companions. Close the perimeter. Or is this a comforting Euro attitude?

The question is rhetorical. you know the answer

As blackout Moldova warned last week, another huge humanitarian and migrant crisis is looming, similar to last spring. It challenges all her EU member states. But as tensions over multiple Ukraine-related issues begin to speak, european support You may be stuck at this critical time.

War and its atrocities are normalized and increasingly disrespected. where is the anger now? Where’s the anger in your gut? Nine months later, public opinion in the West is desensitized, desensitized, desensitized by the daily diet of genocide that is perpetual and almost routine in remote areas.

People are no longer shocked, not even big surprises. They feel helpless. The majority still want Ukraine to win. However, victory cannot be expected immediately.in the Absence of peace talks Or any relief, war weariness teeters toward apathy.

In Italy and Germany, far-right voices are complaining that they are “fed up” with war. Costly knock-on effectProtests against a standoff with Moscow highlight Central Europe. A conflicted fellow traveler gives Putin permission to continue killing.

Only in November. for all the worst winter is yet to comeThere is also a limit to how often Kyiv can repair damaged pylons, cables and power plants. As soon as they are fixed, missiles blow them away. “invincible shelter” There are limits to what you can do.

“Today is just one day and we received 70 missiles. That’s the Russian terror formula.” Volodymyr Zelensky said last Wednesday. “Hospitals, schools, transport and residential areas were all affected.” As usual, the “firm response” he demanded from the UN Security Council never came.

Kyiv Mayor Vitali Klitschko says it’s clear what Putin wants.Ukraine without Ukrainians

The United Nations estimates that more than 7.8 million people have fled as refugees since February. Millions more are internally displaced.growing concern second escape“People across the country are now faced with a tough choice: flee or freeze,” said Jan Egeland of the Norwegian Refugee Council.

Footage shows aftermath of Russian shelling in Kherson – video

The Ukrainian health system is “facing its darkest period yet” as temperatures plunged to minus 20 degrees Celsius (minus 4 degrees Celsius), warned Hans Kluge, regional director of the World Health Organization. “Simply put, this survival in winter

NATO countries have provided Ukraine with significant financial assistance and weapons systems. But the pace is slowing. The EU’s latest sanctions package has been repeatedly diluted and delayed.it’s an argument Russian Oil Price Cap.

The West is also struggling to meet Ukraine’s desperate needs. anti-missile defenseLow inventory of Stinger, S-300, Nasams, Hawk and Starstreak missiles. The supply of more advanced systems such as the US Patriot and Germany’s Iris-T is limited by production and training issues.

If America, Britain, and others had listened to Zelensky last spring please With a NATO-guaranteed safe haven, or some form of defensive no-fly zone or air exclusion zone, Ukrainians might have escaped today’s missile hell. It’s never too late to act.

As war becomes more commonplace and its negative effects spread, will public support decline further? Pro-Kyiv sentiment in Europe is around 57%, according to a Yupinion poll.But that numbers are down in the summer ――And the “peace camp” is progressing. For example, 60% of Germans support diplomacy.

In the U.S., complacency with Ukraine’s military success paradoxically led to complacency and declining complacency. Focus on Persistent ThreatsAid could be cut if Republicans take control of Congress in January.

By contrast, in Ukraine itself, public attitudes have hardened. National pride and pro-Western, pro-EU sentiment towards the Ukrainian nation, including the ethnic Russian minority, is stronger than ever. In one survey, 89% of all her respondents Accuse Russia of genocide.

The Ukrainian people are a formidable force. They have shown that they can defeat their opponents. But should they fear their friends? U.S. and European support waning and Ukraine exposed to the cold are perhaps the most terrifying dangers they face. Putin counts on it. It may be that people in the West are really “fed up” with war and ready to ignore or condone genocide, war crimes and the destruction of sovereign states for the sake of a quiet life. .New Normal? This is the greatest test of democracy.

Every day is getting harder in Ukraine. One thing is certain, it will be a long winter.

https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2022/nov/27/russian-raids-western-apathy-kyiv-putin-ukrainians-us-europe Even in the midst of murderous Russian raids, Western indifference is Kyiv’s deadliest enemy.Simon Tisdal

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