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Former Oathkeeper testifies Jan. 6 was a ‘Bastille-like moment’, says there was no clear pre-planning to enter the Capitol

Washington – The former Orth Keeper testified in court on Monday that he had come to Washington, D.C., with other members of the far-right militia. January 6, 2021seeks to prevent the peaceful transfer of power.

Graydon Young, of Florida, who pleaded guilty to conspiracy and is cooperating with a federal investigation into violations before he was sentenced, told a jury in Washington, D.C., on Monday that he and fellow Oath Keepers, now known as On that day, there was a “tacit agreement” against what was seen as a “corrupt element” of the U.S. government.

However, under cross-examination, Young testified that despite the common understanding he stated, the Orth Keepers who were in the Capitol on January 6 did not expressly plan to enter the building. but agreed with defense counsel that the invasion of the Capitol was more “spontaneous.” schedule.

Founder of Oathkeepers stewart rose Accomplices Kelly Meggs, Jessica Watkins, Kenneth Harrelson and Thomas Caldwell are now plotting to stop the peaceful transfer of power from Donald Trump to Joe Biden, prosecutors say He is on trial for multiple crimes stemming from planning and coordinating to do so.

But while Young said he had no definite plan to break into the Capitol, he and the three defendants who entered the Capitol called themselves “a Bastille-type moment,” or participation in a “grave” event. The history of the unfolding revolution.

The purpose of the collusion, under direct investigation by prosecutor Jeffrey Nessler, was to sabotage Congress, and the invasion of the Capitol building provided an “opportunity” to do just that, he said.

Young explained that he joined Oathkeepers after the 2020 election at the suggestion of his sister, who is also a defendant on January 6, and that the organization became involved after learning of protests over the election results. He explained that he felt it was “an effective way to get involved.” has no effect.

“I was really nervous and emotionally invested in what was going on,” Young testified Monday. Oath Keepers seemed to agree with his line of thinking, saying he began to take note of the allegations.

“Trump was different,” he said, and it took “something” more than peaceful protest to make sure their concerns about the election were heard.

Young testified under cross-examination that he did not attend many events hosted by the Oathkeepers. rice field. Defense attorneys argued that the majority of their clients were in the DC area to provide similar security and safety assistance to high-profile rally attendees on Jan. 6.

He testified that he didn’t know much about the defendants currently on trial and knew them only by their so-called “call signs” before the attack. Young also said he was unfamiliar with the military-style “stacks” his prosecutors claimed the Orth Keeper used to break into the Capitol during the breach.

After taking part in the January 6 attack, Young initially felt “thrilled” by the event, but later went into “freak-out mode” and joined the Oathkeeper with his sister for fear of being investigated. He said he burned tools and deleted messaging apps. .

His 2021 plea bargain requires him to tell the whole truth when asked about Jan. 6, and he said part of his motives for his truthful testimony on Monday was made short by prosecutors. Youg testified that he admitted under cross-examination by defense counsel that it was to recommend a prison sentence. .

Young emotionally told jurors that he “completely and completely” acknowledged his actions that day, and later said he considered himself a “traitor” to his country’s government.

Young was not the first member of the Oathkeepers to appear on January 6 when he testified against the defendants in the Sedition Conspiracy Trial. Jason Dolan, also a co-witness, told jurors earlier this month that members of the group must fight back against illegitimate governments and support what they see as a legitimate president rather than an illegitimate president. rice field.

“We were getting ready for a trip to DC,” recalled Dolan.

Prosecutors allege that the defendants coordinated movements, amassed weapons, and attempted to use force to halt the government’s legitimate functions.

Jurors also heard from US Capitol Police Officer Harry Dunn, who ran into some of the Oath Keepers defendants inside the Capitol on January 6.

Defense attorneys told the FBI that these mobs, including Oathkeeper, were actually working to protect him from some of the mobs that day and did not contribute to the internal turmoil as prosecutors allege. claimed that

But on Monday, Dan said none of the Oath Keepers offered to help him, and another group wearing similar equipment separated him from the crowd at another location.

“We’re taking down dozens of cops,” Dunn testified, telling a group that allegedly included Megs and Harrelson, “You want to kill them all.”

However, defense attorneys questioned Dunn’s memory to see if he could have been confused with the two events at issue. The mob would have had to leave the building entirely, he said.

Prosecutors said on Monday they had a handful of witnesses left in their case before turning to the defense’s case. Defense counsel said he intended to testify against

https://www.cbsnews.com/news/oath-keepers-trial-bastille-type-moment/ Former Oathkeeper testifies Jan. 6 was a ‘Bastille-like moment’, says there was no clear pre-planning to enter the Capitol

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