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Ghislaine Maxwell says she feels bad for her ‘dear friend’ Prince Andrew.Ghyslaine Maxwell

Ghislaine Maxwell has spoken out about how she feels “very bad” with her “dear friend” Prince Andrew from her US prison cell.

In his first lengthy interview since being convicted of sex trafficking last year, Maxwell said he still cares about the Duke of York, who was stripped of his royal duties to him. Relationship with convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.

Maxwell told Israeli-American documentary filmmaker Daphne Barak: I am following what is happening to him. “

According to the Sun on Sunday, which posted the interview, Maxwell appeared “upset” when he was told Prince Andrew’s lawyer claimed the two were never intimate.

She replied: He pays such a price for the Society. I consider him a close friend. i care about him “

The statement will cause new embarrassment for Andrew, as he has repeatedly tried to distance himself from the shameful socialite.

60 year old Maxwell declared Epstein was sentenced in June to 20 years in prison for procuring teenage girls to abuse him from 1994 to 2005. She continues to deny her charges.

Epstein was once a financier with elite associates including the Duke of York and Bill Clinton. He was arrested on sex trafficking charges in July 2019 and committed suicide. new york city Prison after just one month of detention.

From prison, Barack interviewed Maxwell twice for an upcoming CBS-Paramount Plus documentary.

Asked if she could be friends with Andrew after serving her sentence, she replied: People I am friends with and very close friends with… I can’t think of what they want or don’t want to do. “

Media heiress whose father is a former mirror group manager Robert Maxwellalso talked about the infamous photo of Andrew with his arm around 17-year-old Virginia Giuffre’s waist, with her in the background.

Maxwell said she believed the photo that had previously emerged to confirm it was not a “true image”. I am writing. That’s right. “

This photo has been released worldwide Centerpiece of Giuffre’s sexual assault lawsuit against Prince. Civil lawsuits are Settlement In March, after paying the accusers a settlement believed to be in the millions of pounds.

From a Florida prison, Maxwell told an interviewer:

She then claimed that her email, which apparently authenticated the photo, was actually just to confirm that she recognized her home.

“But I discovered that the image is true, which I don’t believe. And because the original doesn’t exist, it was never produced. I don’t think that image is the real image.”

https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2022/oct/16/ghislaine-maxwell-says-she-feels-bad-for-dear-friend-prince-andrew Ghislaine Maxwell says she feels bad for her ‘dear friend’ Prince Andrew.Ghyslaine Maxwell

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