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When you’re in Dubai it’s close to crime not to try renting a luxurious yacht for an hour or even a day.  And yes, you don’t have to be a celebrity or a millionaire to do so as the rental market gets extremely competitive every year, giving us affordable options.

Let’s see what is included in the yacht rental Dubai propositions and what kind of a deal you can cut yourself.

For what purposes a yacht in Dubai could be rented? 

Yacht rental price varies from numerous factors. One of those is what service you’re expecting to get from the sailing crew and for what purposes you want to use the yachts. For some events or activities, companies would use smaller size yachts which significantly decreases the hourly wage.  And for something a company could charge you extra fees, like for decoration or a barbeque.

The most popular reasons why yacht rental is a hit in Dubai entertainment:

  • Sightseeing cruises are truly an amazing way to discover unseen Dubai and get an unusual view of the biggest architectural achievements in Dubai like Burj Al Arab, Palm Lagoon, Palm Jumeirah and many others. For sightseeing tours, it’s better to book a bigger yacht as it has enough space for a big group. For a more luxurious option, it’s possible to book a powerboat, so you can get an extreme experience combined with all the famous Dubai sights;
  • A party yacht is an unforgettable way to celebrate any significant date, holiday, bridal shower or just have fun with family or friends. Yacht capacity varies from 5 to 65 people, so no matter how big your celebration is, you can definitely surprise everyone with the yacht waiting on Dubai Marina. Some companies offer party boats that will already have decorations. Cheaper options usually don’t include drinks and food. You can always arrange decorations and catering to your taste upon your arrival;
  • A romantic cruise on a yacht of your taste with sails or modern design will suit perfectly as a surprise for your partner. From a brunch with champagne to dinner or even a small getaway from a noisy city and sunbathing – anything could be arranged;
  • Sunset cruise will have a special place on the list as it’s one of the “must-do” in Dubai no matter if it’s a romantic or family trip or a party. You can rent a yacht for a whole day to make sunset a finishing point for your celebration or you can have a specific trip to admire the skyline;
  • Corporate cruise yacht rental is a favoured way among local businesses. If you’re sending your employees on a Dubai holiday trip you might consider a yacht rental as a team-building event yourself;
  • A fishing trip is not to everyone’s taste, but it’s truly an underrated activity in Dubai. Companies usually use small motor yachts or powerboats with all needed equipment and professional angler at really affordable prices. Dubai waters are suited for fishing all year long and are rich in numerous species including tuna, salmon and kingfish. Make sure the yacht is equipped with the barbeque so you can enjoy fresh fish right away if you wish to keep it;
  • For water sports and snorkeling are usually used power boats that take you fast in the deep sea so you can enjoy any activity you fancy and a bit of sightseeing on the way. Necessary equipment is included in the prices as an instructor. The yachts are pretty small to make sure they keep up with the speed, so renting for such activity would be cheaper than a huge yacht.

Basic factors that form yacht rental price.

Of course, vessel type would impact the price building. Do you fancy a sailing boat, a luxurious motor yacht, a power speed boat or a smaller more private motor yacht? For different types of activities companies use different vessels, so if you have a strong preference to do snorkeling from a 60-foot long yacht – discuss it with the company beforehand.

In the Dubai yacht rental market – size matters. So to give an idea of the average rental hour wage in Dubai here are some quotes that might orientate you in the market.

  • For a 35 foot long yacht with a capacity of up to 10 people price ranges between $70 to $150.
  • For a 50-55 foot long yacht with a capacity of up to 14 people price ranges between $150-250.
  • For a 65-80 foot long yacht with a capacity of up to 30 people price range between $150-600.

The design, destination and time of a yacht impact the final rental place too. For some activities, the company offers a stable price, but mostly they charge four hours. Destination and time planned to spend in the sea impact amount of fuel will be spent by the crew.  Budget choices usually come in more simple designs. For luxurious options, tourists should be ready to lift their budget or split the bill among friends.

What influences the price and are there any hidden fees?

  1. Season: During the tourist period ( from September to March) prices might increase for a last-minute booking.
  2. Taxes and VAT. Not every company includes taxes in the booking price and will charge clients afterwards.
  1. It’s welcome in the renting business to offer a tip to the sailing crew, especially if you got good service.
  2. Some yachts provide customers with an Internet connection if you need to stay in touch or do some business for an additional cost.
  3. Pick up points. If you want your crew to pick you up not from the main port, you will be charged extra for fuel used to get to your location.

Wrapping up, the yacht rental market in Dubai is growing, competitive and client-oriented. There is no trouble finding a perfect yacht for your budget, cause and preferences as well as booking it fast over websites. Now you have all the tips needed to make the best choice for your upcoming trip. The websites like https://charterclick.com, for example, make it even easier for you to enjoy your time in Dubai.


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