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How to choose the right Wedding Tents?

If you’re going to be hosting an important outdoor event, whether it’s a wedding or a birthday, it’s important to prepare well for it. You need to carefully consider many points and protect all visitors from the scorching sun or rain. In this case, you will definitely need a party tent. It is simply necessary if you do not have any alternative accommodation in case of bad weather. This tent will save you from many unpleasant situations and can allow you to hold an event wherever you want. It will also help save money, so you do not have to rent a restaurant or a banquet hall. Instead, you can have a banquet in nature in the midst of magnificent beauties.

However, if you decide to make a choice in favor of such a tent, you just need to foresee all the nuances in advance so as not to make a mistake and take exactly the option that you need.

First, you need to decide what size tent is right for you. If you thought that all tents were the same size, then this is not so. There are many variations of their sizes such as 20×20 pole tents or 20×40 frame tents etc. And to find the ideal option, you need to carry out certain calculations. This is very important, because if you make a mistake with this criterion, then during the event it can play a cruel joke on you and ruin the whole holiday. Due to the variety of sizes of tents, you have the opportunity to build exactly the space you want and decorate it the way you dream.

How can you determine the correct tent size for your event? To choose the right size tent, you first need to understand how many guests you want to invite to your event and decide on the shape, size, and number of tables at which all guests will sit. For example, if you have a round table, then you will need one size of the tent, and if you have a rectangular table, then the tent will already have to have a completely different size. It is also necessary to provide for all additional places that will be occupied. For example, a kitchen or an area where sofas and armchairs will be placed. Or, a stage where you can sing and dance. These territories will also affect the size of the tent since they will be located under it.

Once you have decided on the size, you will need to think about the shape of your tent. For example, it can be square or rectangular. The advantage of a rectangular tent is that you can put a table of any length under it. At the same time, a square tent has its advantages. It is best combined with a square or round table. As a result of this collaboration, guests are placed close enough to each other and therefore feel more involved in the wedding event. It is necessary to think over everything to the smallest detail. Including what and where exactly will be located. For example, the location of the stage, kitchen, dance floor, and each of the tables. You need to carefully calculate everything on paper and write down all the calculations, or you can use a special calculator.

After all the calculations, you will have to choose what material your wedding tent will be made of, what color it will be, and decide on all the accompanying nuances. Usually, people choose the white color for the tent, but if you want something special, you will most likely have to pay extra, because other colors will cost more. Or you can decide in favor of a transparent material since it costs about the same as white. Also, thanks to the transparent tent, all guests will be able to observe what is happening around them without leaving the table. In addition to color, you have to think about whether your tent will be frame, stretch, or you will prefer a tent with a pole.

  •       Frame tents are very variable and can be customized as well as possible. A huge plus is that they do not have B-pillars that take up space inside. They can be of various sizes and even have windows or doors. Frame tents are most often used for wedding events.
  •       Pole tents are usually smaller than the previous solution, but they also have a lower cost. They can also be placed on a small slope, unlike the frame version.
  •       The stretch version of the tent usually has high ceilings and is quite large. It is very often chosen for weddings exactly like frame tents. Another advantage of this solution is its visual component.

After all the decisions are made, you will need to move on to choosing the flooring, walls, kitchen, dance floor, lighting, air conditioning, and all the furniture for your event. Decide on the material, size, and quantity of certain components.

In the end, it will be possible to transcend to finding a place to buy or rent your tent. Carefully study all possible companies, read reviews and choose the company whose conditions seem most suitable to you.

A wedding tent is a great solution for your event. It will protect you from bad weather and create the most suitable atmosphere. Another plus is that you can choose for yourself the perfect design of all the necessary components. The main thing is to scrupulously approach the issue, make all the necessary calculations and find all the components for holding this important event.


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