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Hurricane Ian Update: Florida Residents Trapped in Flooded Homes – Live | Hurricane Ian

chris michael

flood is the primary threat currently posed by Ian. Central Floridarather than the most endangered Tampa Bay (first in sight of the hurricane).

Water levels are calming along the coast, but hurricane conditions are possible, according to NOAA. Northeast Florida, Georgia, South Carolinawhere hurricane warnings are in place.

Authorities said “life-threatening and catastrophic flooding” with large or record river floods will continue in parts of central Florida.

Flash floods have caused emergencies in many areas.

A new flash flood emergency occurring at locations such as Sanford, Lake Mary and Heathrow until 8:15am EDT. If you’re in or around this area, look for high ground now! pic.twitter.com/qDSgrK2Qhr

— NWS Melbourne (@NWSMelbourne) September 29, 2022

A flash flood emergency will continue until 8:45 AM EDT in Little Wekiba. Water levels in the river are now above previous record levels.

This is a particularly dangerous situation. Aiming for heights! pic.twitter.com/iDj5dOzqmy

— NWS Melbourne (@NWSMelbourne) September 29, 2022

And the National Hurricane Center has warned that more or less heavy rain is possible across the East Coast of the United States. new york city:

chris michael

chris michael

Hospital doctor: ‘I didn’t expect the roof to blow off’

true extent of overall damage florida It remains difficult to assess as many areas remain submerged and, in some cases, huge storm surges are expected and we are gearing up for the worst ever.

However, we do know that the storm has caused significant damage to Florida’s critical intensive care hospital. HCA Florida Fawcett Hospital at Port Charlotte.

Workers install flood barriers to secure Tampa General Hospital in anticipation of Hurricane Ian on Sept. 27, 2022 in Tampa, Florida.
Workers install flood barriers to secure Tampa General Hospital in anticipation of Hurricane Ian on Sept. 27, 2022 in Tampa, Florida. Photo: Cristóbal Herrera/EPA

A storm surge flooded the emergency room downstairs, and a tropical storm tore part of the fourth-floor roof of the intensive care unit (ICU), doctors told the Associated Press.

Dr. Birgit Bodin She stayed at the hospital overnight in hopes of a busy night, but “didn’t expect the roof to blow off on the fourth floor.”

A hole in the roof caused the ICU to flood from above and evacuate the hospital’s sickest patients, some on ventilators, to another floor. The storm rendered two of his four floors of the hospital uninhabitable. Bodine said he fears capacity issues today if the storm causes significant damage to Florida residents.

“An ambulance may come soon, but I don’t know where to put it in the hospital at the moment,” she said. “Because we’re doubling and tripling her.”

chris michael

chris michael

Good morning, I’m Chris Michael Hurricane Ianone of the most powerful hurricanes to ever hit the continental United States.

about 2.5 million florida A monster storm temporarily intensified to just below maximum Category 5 status, pushing 155 mph winds at its center, leaving the population powerless.

The storm has trapped people in flooded homes, damaged hospital intensive care units, and left a trail of destruction as it crossed Florida and made its way to the Atlantic coast. strong winds extending up to 415 miles (665 km).

The National Hurricane Center said Ian was downgraded to a tropical storm on land early Thursday morning, but was expected to regain near hurricane strength after appearing over the Atlantic near Kennedy Space Center later in the day. .

Much of the Gulf Coast remained submerged in sea water, according to the Center, with storm surges 8 to 10 feet above the ground flooding from Inglewood to Bonita Beach, including Charlotte Harbor.

Hurricanes have previously killed and knocked out several people in Cuba powering the entire island.

Expected storm surges of up to 18 feet can cause significant flooding. Governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis For those who have not yet evacuated, it is too late to evacuate now, he said. “It’s no longer possible to evacuate safely,” he said.

We bring you all the developments as they happen. In the meantime, please read this news article.

https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/live/2022/sep/29/hurricane-ian-latest-updates-live-news-florida-storm Hurricane Ian Update: Florida Residents Trapped in Flooded Homes – Live | Hurricane Ian

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