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Invest in Izmir, Turkey in 2022

Property for sale in Izmir

Izmir is the second most important port city in the Mediterranean basin, where all important logistics centers with access to the international market are concentrated. This province has become especially popular among foreign citizens in recent years, both economically and as a resort destination. Moreover, apartments in Izmir can be your first step towards Turkish citizenship.

Features of the city

The city cannot be called a bustling metropolis like Istanbul. Here, life flows measuredly and calmly, and foreigners do not feel discomfort after moving to permanent residence. The geographical position – on the shores of the Aegean Sea, makes this region attractive for both tourists and investors. If you want to find a city where you can have a great vacation, get an education and become a successful entrepreneur, then the city is the best fit.

Benefits of investing in property in Izmir

  1. There is a free economic zone where you can start your business, enter the European market and start international trade.
  2. Tobacco, olives, figs, grapes, and various fruit trees are grown here, the harvest of which is exported.
  3. The region is especially rich in honey production, and beekeeping is one of the popular business destinations among home-based entrepreneurs living in the suburban area.
  4. Traditional sectors in which you can invest your assets are the energy industry, the military industry, and the production of building materials.
  5. For expats, employment opportunities are open in the tourism business, in schools, in specialties, and as an individual entrepreneur, the registration of which is suitable for a small business – an outsourced manicurist, massage, cleaning, delivery, retail, etc.

For those who wish to obtain a residence permit or apply for citizenship, you can think about work and income in advance. Registering a company in this province will allow you to start your own business in any direction – tourism, agriculture, consulting, trade, restaurant business, and more. In the case of buying real estate, you can always sell it profitably later or rent it out during the tourist season, receiving a stable income.

Villas for sale in Izmir

Here are some examples of the houses in Izmir that you can invest in.

Villa 3+1 Villa 7+2 Villa 5+1
Area 172 sq m 300 sq m 190 sq m
Number of bedrooms 3 7 5
Number of bathrooms 1 4 1
Distance to the sea 1000 m 700 10
Average price EUR 150,000 EUR 500,000 EUR 435,000

Real estate in Izmir

The government is interested in attracting foreign investment, which is reflected in a number of benefits for existing and start-up Turkish entrepreneurs. The industrial metropolis of Izmir is becoming popular among business circles and those wishing to move to Turkey for permanent residence in 2022. Turk.Estate website will provide you with all the recent offers of property prices in Izmir. The specialists of the platform will be glad to assist you on your investment journey. Contact them now!


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