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Iraq was a disastrous war, but there is no excuse for not standing up to the tyranny we face today | John Kampner

In In 2013, parliamentarians narrowly dismiss the motion That would have allowed David Cameron to authorize military action in Syria. A year ago, President Obama warned that the deployment of chemical weapons would be a “red line”. he didn’t do anything 500,000 died. A terrible crime has been committed. The war continues, but dictator Bashar Assad has Russia’s backing, became dominant.

In 2014, months after the US, UK and their allies washed their hands from the country, Vladimir Putin (via proxy) launched his first invasion of Ukraine, Crimea annexedOne direct line can be traced back to these events leading to the current bloodshed. Iraq invasionTwenty years ago Next Month’s War is standard text on diplomatic and military failure.

A quick repeat: After the September 2001 terrorist attacks, Tony Blair became the White House Chief Executive. He succeeded admirably in forming a coalition that wanted to invade Afghanistan (at a time when British prime ministers were influential). Within a few months, however, George W. Bush had turned his attention elsewhere, saying in his State of the Union address:axis of evil‘, and at the center of it was Saddam Hussein.

Blair was determined never to be caught off guard by an American again.as i wrote Blair’s War, he told Bush as early as April 2002 at the President’s Ranch in Crawford, Texas, that he would go with him no matter what. The rest, as they say, is dangerous paperwork, bogus legal advice, elusive weapons of mass destruction, and disastrous occupation. Various public investigations since have all corroborated this sequence of events.

One of the most significant changes enacted after the Iraq War was the requirement promoted by Gordon Brown that the prime minister seek parliamentary approval for future interventions. Member of Parliament March 2011 Aid action in Libya, just two years later, rejected it in Syria. The shock was great. Bullish pretentious Britain does no such thing. It puts up a good fight. At least, that’s always been its self-image.

Blair was surprised when the BBC asked him to provide a special radio program on voting. agreed to be interviewed (He had blanked me for 10 years). He was incredibly eager to be heard and understood. I gave Cameron back to him saying people were “disappointed” in Iraq. As usual, Blair objected and instead asked what would happen in a world “without referees”.

Iraq left a wound that never healed. Libya was a minor intervention and equally unproductive. Afghanistan was the longest of them all until it collapsed in humiliation. Flight from Kabul The United States, which gave them false hope and temporary security, decided that the Afghans should be left at the mercy of the Taliban and that the international forces should be withdrawn abruptly.

These interventions, and interventions in places such as Kosovo and Sierra Leone, were shrouded in doctrines of liberal or humanitarian intervention. It arose out of fear that the global community would look the other way as people were being slaughtered in Bosnia and Rwanda. transformed into a messianic enthusiasm for

It’s not anymore. Anthony Brinken, appointed Secretary of State in March 2021, declared: I have tried these tactics in the past. However well-intentioned they are, they are not working. ”

When the United Nations General Assembly voted last March, condemn Putin’s aggression About 35 countries chose to abstain, including important states such as India, Pakistan and South Africa, as well as Ukraine. The ability of the United States and its partners to pull the Global South southward is greatly diminished. Some people aren’t impressed with the “do the right thing” tap in the form of diplomatic shoulders. Some have long been non-aligned. Some see business opportunities in China and Russia. Many continue to cite Iraq as grounds for doubting Western intentions.

As for Britain, it’s taken a while – decades, actually – but are we finally starting to embrace a role in the world that is more in line with real status than self-delusion? Global foreign and security policy cannot be realistically pursued while we are in one of the worst performing economies in the Western world. It is no longer possible to initiate a military intervention. I know I have to prioritize.

childish johnsonglobal uk‘ has been replaced by ‘patient diplomacy’. Britain is no longer concerned with “predicting or telling others what to do”. James Cleverley Manifesto, Secretary of Foreign Affairs, December. Instead, they want a relationship “based on common interests and common principles.” There is nothing mean there.

Germany takes more seriously than other countries and takes its democratic practices seriously. But much of that country drew the wrong lesson from history when it came to their response to Putin’s aggression. led me to refuse.Yet it is also the cause of their dithering UkraineNever Again War – nee veeder krieg – It was not a conclusion drawn from the Nazi era. Yes, war is an option that should be avoided whenever possible. But succumbing to dictatorships, war crimes and aggression is even worse.

The West continues to demonstrate a double standard of being selective in choosing allies and adversaries. Saudi Arabia is perhaps the most egregious example. No matter how egregious the human rights violations are, the kingdom will never be touched. I’m not advocating going back to thinking and acting 20 years ago. Gone are the days when the West established itself as the world’s policeman. We need to build broader alliances.

Putin inadvertently reminded the world that it has a duty to protect. The disappointment with the state of democracy in the world has continued to such an extent that the rise of populism has been relentless (supported and instigated by Putin and others) and expected such resistance from Ukraine and its allies. Few people. The response over the past year has been collective, principled, cautious, and in some ways overly cautious.

Iraq was a terrible war, but to forever cite it as a reason for countries not to confront the dictator is to give up the values ​​worth fighting for.

https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2023/feb/20/iraq-war-confront-anniversary-russia-putin Iraq was a disastrous war, but there is no excuse for not standing up to the tyranny we face today | John Kampner

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