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Live news update: US, UK, France warn Russia against Ukraine escalation

Cyril Ramaphosa has proposed an independent panel to scrutinize board appointments of state-owned companies, rather than requesting an investigation to ban loyalists from holding public office © Siphiwe Sibeko/Reuters

South African President Cyril Ramaphosa has named Africa’s most industrialized country a permanent anti-corruption institution in an official response to a survey that blamed his ruling African National Congress for the worst corruption scandal since apartheid. re-established.

In a televised address on Sunday, Ramaphosa said the looting under former president Jacob Zuma, who has been accused of being held back by rolling blackouts and other illnesses, as part of a “new chapter in the fight against corruption”. 10 years after the indictment of the South African economy announced an overhaul.

The government plans to make permanent a special branch of the National Prosecutor’s Office that has been investigating looting, known locally as “state seizures.”

The move effectively revives a similar prosecution unit, the Scorpions, castrated years ago by the ANC, which has ruled the country since 1994.

“This response constitutes an ethical, moral and institutional departure from the abuses revealed. [by the inquiry]said Ramaphosa. “South Africans are fed up with corruption and want it to end,” he added.

The investigation, led by South Africa’s Chief Justice, will track political opponents this year, concluding that Zuma “quickly opened the door” to the plunder of Eskom’s power monopoly by three Indian-born brothers, the Gupta brothers. concluded that he manipulated the national spy agency for As part of the policy of the Agency of Destruction.

Read more about South Africa’s anti-corruption agency here.

https://www.ft.com/content/792fc80c-e3a5-4ce3-8144-db2ff29132b7 Live news update: US, UK, France warn Russia against Ukraine escalation

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