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Mindfulness at Home: How to Make Your Interior More Conscious

Many find it hard to incorporate mindfulness – attention to their thoughts and bodies – into everyday life: it seems that it can be practiced only under the supervision of a coach at field retreats or online courses. In fact, the main thing here is to feel yourself and get involved in your own life. To do this, it is enough to reconsider the usual things and your attitude to them:

  • change household habits,
  • make redevelopment at home,
  • get rid of excess,
  • and bring order.

Rearrange the Furniture

If you can not give up habits by force of thought, you should help yourself physically. Any changes will do:

  • swap all the furniture in the apartment,
  • move the glass with toothbrushes to the other end of the sink,
  • or just change the usual color scheme of the bed linen.

The main thing is to consider each action carefully and understand your attitude toward it.

Of course, proper remodeling from the https://hawaiitrustedrealty.com/builder/remodeling professionals will have a more vivid effect, but everything you can do by yourself will also affect your space and you. Don’t hesitate to start with smaller things if you are not ready for bigger changes.

Doing everything as if on autopilot is a habit. It tells us about the experience of clarity, safety, and efficiency but also captivates the freshness of life and limits the variety of our choices. Life on autopilot is boring and routine. Accordingly, everything that helps us refresh our eyes and frees us from this state. Changing the atmosphere of the house from time to time allows us to update our behavior in this space.

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Remove Irritants

When you introduce daily practices into your life, you start to notice things you didn’t pay attention to before: the kettle is awkwardly located, so you have to reach for it across the table every day, the towel in the bathroom is not making you happy, stupid cups take up space on a shelf. Classic general cleaning with window washing and cabinet removal is a must here because it’s not about dust or changing the season.

You can ask yourself what is stressful in the house. By removing what is disturbing and annoying, you can create a more pleasant atmosphere. If you rent an apartment and can’t change anything drastically, there are still some things in your area of ​​influence:

  • to eat from plates that you like,
  • hang clothes by color,
  • keep books on the shelves, not for fear of throwing them away, but because you like them.

Divide Cleaning into Stages

It is better to clean every day little by little than rarely, but thoroughly. If you can’t find time to clean up for a while, it’s a sign that something is wrong. This often means that you do not have the resources to do so. Gradually, the mess begins to affect your inner space, and you don’t have the resources for anything because the outer is a part of the inner.

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