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New football watchdogs lined up to tackle problems in the UK game

A new independent football regulator has powers to scrutinize owners, scrutinize club finances and block British teams from participating in exit competitions under a plan to be unveiled by the British government on Thursday. .

The statutory body promotes financial sustainability by forcing clubs to demonstrate for competition approval that they have a “sound business model” and “good” corporate governance. We aim to put it at the center of men’s soccer.

Ahead of the government’s white paper on football, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said the proposal would “bring fans back to the heart of football” and “protect” the sport for future generations.

The creation of a regulatory agency was one of several recommendations submitted to the government. A review of fan-driven football governancepublished in November 2021 and headed by then-Sports Minister Tracy Crouch.

The review also called for a new approach to corporate governance, improved equality and diversity, and stronger club financial regulation.

In plans to be announced Thursday, club owners and directors will be subject to new tests and “greater due diligence” on the sources of their wealth.

premier league ever Against the need of regulators, it said[d] The governance of football should change,” he said, but cautioned against any move that could undermine its status as the richest club competition in football.

“It is important that regulation does not damage the games that fans love to watch .

British games are famous for their “pyramid” system. This makes clubs compete to reach the top division. However, due to the financial gap between the upper leagues and the rest of the English Football League, which runs his three divisions below the upper echelons, the Premier League shares its revenues more with the less wealthy teams. I got a call from

The government wants the league to agree on its own about the future financial distribution of Premier League earnings, but Watchdog has ‘last resort’ powers to step in if a deal doesn’t go through. .

The collapse of historic clubs such as Buried in 2019 And Macclesfield Town in 2020 has led to calls for tighter regulation of the sport.Other clubs such as Derby County have experienced near misses after suffering financial difficulties.

These calls later gained support 6 top clubs — Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United, Tottenham Hotspur — tried to leave with a wider group of European teams European Super League April 2021.

That version of ESL quickly fell apart following protests from fans and criticism from then-Prime Minister Boris Johnson, initiating a fan-led review.

Ministers responded to the Crouch Review last April, but the white paper was delayed amid government turmoil caused by the demise of Johnson and Liz Truss as prime ministers.

During that time several major clubs changed owners. US investors Todd Boley and Clearlake Capital bought Chelsea from licensed Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich for £2.5bn last May, and the new owners arrived at AFC Bournemouth. The Glazer family has also started the process of investigation. sale of manchester united.

The white paper comes less than two weeks after the Premier League accused reigning champions Manchester City of breaking financial regulations for years. The club denies all wrongdoing.

The EFL welcomed the plan, calling it “a landmark moment for the future of our gaming”.

“Hand-in-hand with financial reforms, the league supports proposals for increased regulation and looks forward to consulting with the government on issues such as club licenses, owner and director testing, and future heritage protection. We have.

https://www.ft.com/content/981f4408-eeda-4b1c-bd22-3093a0347161 New football watchdogs lined up to tackle problems in the UK game

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