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New York winter storms have killed 34 people, with more snow expected.US weather

as a buffalo New Yorkfirst responders unwound from a historic winter storm that left at least 34 dead, were tasked with the grueling task of searching for more victims, contending with snowdrifts and freezing temperatures.

Erie County Administrator Mark Polonkers told CNN, “There are so many bodies, so many hospitals are overwhelmed, that we have to find out if the deaths are from the snowstorm.”

Buffalo Police Commissioner Joseph Gramaglia told reporters he expected more bodies to be found as the snow fell. Buffalo police had about 1,000 unsolved 911 calls of him, but he said some may have been duplicates.

Police had taped yellow crime scene tape to the side mirrors of the abandoned vehicle after checking for fatalities.

“This is painstaking painstaking work,” said Gramaglia.

For many residents, immediate relief remained invisible. Driving bans remained and many grocery stores were closed.

Even more tragically, after four feet of snow on Christmas, another 7.3 inches fell on Monday, bringing the total to over 100 inches this season.

“More snow in Buffalo will have a bigger impact,” said Bob Oravec, a forecaster for the National Weather Service (NWS).

Late Monday, Polonkers said the storm was “probably the worst storm of our lifetime,” even in areas accustomed to heavy snowfall from the Great Lakes.

Of the storm deaths, 3 died in cars, 4 died from unheated homes, 3 died from heart attacks related to shoveling or other snow removal, and 3 died from delays in emergency services. died because of

A spokesman for Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown told the New York Times, “They were found in a variety of ways.” and some have even been found as snowmen.”

Emergency workers work to restore power in Buffalo, New York. Photo: Joed Viera/AFP/Getty Images

One of the victims, 22-year-old Ander Taylor, was reportedly exchanging videos with his North Carolina sister after being trapped in a car for 18 hours. new york post report. In the final video, Taylor rolls down the window to show that the van is also trapped.

“I’m not blaming the individual who was driving,” Brown said Tuesday when asked about the failure of the emergency response.

“Our goal was to save everyone and answer every call. made it difficult and complicated.”

Stories of hardship were common. Shahida Muhammad told her WKBW that the ventilator her one-year-old son was using had lost power. She and her child’s father were manually breathing controlled from Friday to Sunday when rescuers saw her social media posts. Muhammad said her son is doing well despite the ordeal.

Doula Melissa Carrick said the blizzard forced her to give birth guidance to a client over the phone. Paramedics eventually took the woman to a hospital about 45 minutes south of Buffalo because there were no hospitals nearby.

“In other normal Buffalo Storms? Because you’re just driving in the snow,” Carrick said. “But you knew this was different.”

Buffalo’s mayor warned residents thinking of driving that they would still get stuck. Many streets in Buffalo are still impassable. ”

Footage Capturing the Dangerous Cold in the U.S. Today – Video Report

New York Governor Kathy Hochul told reporters: Definitely the blizzard of the century.”

Hochul also noted that the storm came just over a month after the first “historic” snowfall, prompting the White House to pledge federal emergency declarations to Erie and Genesee counties to help. has been made available. Joe Biden said his prayers are with the families of the victims as his two Democratic New York senators, Kirsten Gillibrand and Chuck Schumer, mark a “once-in-a-generation blizzard.” Did.

Scientists said climate change may have contributed to the intensity of the storm. This is because the atmosphere can carry more water vapor, which acts as fuel, says National snow Ice data center at the University of Colorado Boulder.

“It’s hard to say,” Cereze said. “But are the dice a little loaded now? Absolutely.”

Relief was coming as the forecast predicted warmer temperatures. The NWS said it expected more snow on Tuesday morning followed by temperatures above freezing.

“Depending on the amount of rain this weekend, warming from the snowmelt could cause minor flooding,” it warned.

A person removing snow from a snowy road with a backhoe loader.
A person removing snow from a snowy road with a backhoe loader. Photo: Anadolu Agency/Getty Images

NWS meteorologist Ashton Robinson Cook says a bomb cyclone (when atmospheric pressure drops very quickly in a strong storm) caused a major storm in the United States that is now abating. said.

Thousands of domestic and international flights were canceled Monday across the United States.of flightaware website Southwest Airlines said it had 2,909 cancellations, representing about 70% of its scheduled flights and nearly 10 times more than any other major US airline.

The U.S. Department of Transportation said it would investigate cancellations in the Southwest where travelers were stranded nationwide.

FlightAware data shows cancellations and delays at airports across the US, including Denver, Atlanta, Las Vegas, Seattle, Baltimore and Chicago. Buffalo Niagara International Airport was scheduled to be closed until Wednesday.

The storm cut power from Maine to Seattle. A woman tumbled into the ice of a Wisconsin river and a deadly fire started at his homeless camp in Kansas.

In Jackson, Mississippi, crew members struggled to get water from a strained water system, officials said. There was no water or low pressure in many areas. On Christmas Day, residents were told to boil their drinking water as water pipes burst in the cold.

“The problem must be a major leak in the system that has not yet been identified,” the city said Monday.

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