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Peacetime becomes an energetic black swan event

The “Russian question” of what role Russian fossil fuels will play in peacetime may not be the most pressing issue for energy bosses and the investors who support them. But it is natural.

The year since Russia invaded Ukraine has been a rollercoaster for energy markets. Crude oil prices have been volatile, and global Brent his benchmark is back in March after he peaked at $133 a barrel, and today he’s back around $80, below prices on the first day of the war. . It is nothing compared to natural gas.after moscow

cut pipeline supply In Europe, benchmark TTF day-ahead gas prices in the region reached levels in late August equivalent to almost $580 a barrel of oil.


https://www.wsj.com/articles/peacetime-would-be-a-black-swan-event-for-energy-bbdc7a22?mod=rss_markets_main Peacetime becomes an energetic black swan event

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