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Poliovirus detected in wastewater near New York City as governor declares state of emergency

New York Gov. Kathy Hochul said Friday the state is stepping up its efforts to fight polio after the virus was detected in wastewater in yet another county in the New York City area.

Health officials have since started checking sewage for signs of the virus. first case of polio Nearly a decade ago in the United States, it was confirmed in Rockland County, north of the city, in July. The latest detection involved a sample of wastewater collected last month in Nassau County on Long Island, just east of the city.

the sample is genetically polio Provides case and further evidence from Rockland Spread of the expanding community, state health officials said. The poliovirus had previously been detected in wastewater in New York City and her three counties north of it: Rockland, Orange, and Sullivan.

Hochul has declared a state disaster emergency for EMS workers, midwives and pharmacists to manage. polio vaccine Also, doctors can place ongoing orders for vaccines. Immunization data is used to focus immunization efforts where they are most needed.

“You can’t roll the dice when it comes to polio,” State Health Commissioner Dr. Mary T. Bassett said in a prepared statement. “The risk of paralytic disease is real if you or your child is unvaccinated or unvaccinated. I urge New Yorkers not to accept any risk at all.”

Statewide polio coverage is 79%, with lower rates in Rockland, Orange, and Sullivan counties.

Officials say it is possible hundreds You have polio in the state and you don’t know it. Most people who get polio have no symptoms, but they can pass the virus on to others for days or weeks.

The only confirmed case in New York involved an unidentified young adult who had not been vaccinated.

https://www.cbsnews.com/news/poliovirus-new-york-nassau-county-long-island-emergency/ Poliovirus detected in wastewater near New York City as governor declares state of emergency

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