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President Xi Jinping secures unprecedented third term

Xi Jinping began his unprecedented third term as China’s president on Friday, cementing the Chinese leader’s unwavering grip on power amid rising tensions with the United States and deepening economic challenges at home. made it

In a solemn ceremony at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing, ChinaThe most powerful leader for another five years after Mao Zedong became head of state.

Although formal appointments were mostly ceremonial, Xi Secure a stronger one His reinstatement as head of state comes at a delicate time for China’s relations with the world – assuming the position of leader of the Communist Party of China and military leader at the party’s convention in October.

Under pressure from U.S. government curbs on semiconductor exports, espionage allegations and scrutiny of Beijing’s close ties to Moscow, Xi said this week: Explicitly named US As a Western leader trying to contain China. Although he often engages in nationalist rhetoric, Chinese leaders rarely directly criticize the United States.

Mingxin Pei, a professor of political science at Claremont McKenna College in California and author of many books on China, said of the first decade of Xi Jinping’s administration, “The biggest change was actually the last decade. I think it’s a breakdown of relations between China and the United States,” he said. Pei added that rekindling a sense of optimism will be one of the president’s greatest challenges ahead as China’s economy struggles.

“How can he restore balance and make people more optimistic?” Pei said.

Xi’s appointment was passed at the annual meeting of the National People’s Congress, whose members are appointed by the party, with 2,952 votes in favor and no votes against.

Friday’s announcement of a third term completes the process Xi began in 2018 by lifting the two-term limit on the presidency, effectively allowing him to rule for life if he chooses. to

President Xi Jinping pledged to “work hard to build a prosperous, strong, democratic, civilized, harmonious and beautiful modern socialist state.” Great Hall of the People.

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Friday congratulated President Xi Jinping and praised his “personal contribution” to strengthening the “comprehensive partnership” between the two countries, according to a statement issued by the Kremlin. I look forward to “fruitful cooperation between Russia and China.”

China’s economy Recovery expected this year In 2022, after President Xi Jinping’s draconian coronavirus-free policy plunged growth to one of its lowest levels in decades, economists say it will be on track to achieve medium-term growth. I am concerned that it will become more difficult.

real estate department and Local governments continue to face debt problemsand efforts to realign the economy from investment to consumption have yet to bear fruit.

Congress also appointed Deputy Prime Minister Han Chung as vice president, a largely ceremonial role.

Although Han is a political survivor from the days of the late Jiang Zemin, he is expected to have little influence in the current government.

At the Party Congress in October, President Xi stack the highest decision-making body of the Communist PartyPolitburo Standing Committee, close allies.

“With all Xi Jinping people in the Standing Committee and in top positions, Han Zheng will live under Xi’s shadow and play a very limited role,” Wu said.

Congress also confirmed Zhao Yuji, a close ally of Xi, as the new chairman. He was previously head of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, the party’s rigorous internal investigation body.

“This shows that President Xi is satisfied with Zhao’s work at CCDI,” Wu said.

Additional reporting by Xinning Liu and Nian Liu in Beijing

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