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Prosecutor Claims Russian Analyst’s Sources in Trump Papers Falsified | FBI

Russian analyst who played a key role in creating flawed dossier about ex-president donald trump In an interview with the FBI on Tuesday, the prosecutor said he forged one of his own sources and hid the identity of another.

The allegations were aired in the opening statement of Igor Danchenko’s trial. FBI.

The FBI interviewed Danchenko multiple times in 2017 to try to corroborate what has become known as the “Steel Dossier.”

The documents were prepared by British spy Christopher Steele – commissioned by Democratic Party .

Specifically, prosecutors say Danchenko lied when he said he got the information over an anonymous phone call from a man believed to be Sergey Milian, former president of the Russian-American Chamber of Commerce. increase.

Prosecutor Michael Kierty told jurors in the U.S. District Court in Alexandria that Danchenko never spoke to Milian, and phone records show he never received an anonymous call when Danchenko alleged rice field.

Prosecutors also say Danchenko lied about the allegations contained in the documents, saying he never “spoke” to a man named Charles Dolan. But prosecutors say there is evidence that Danchenko “spoke with Mr. Dolan via email” about the very specific items shown in the documents.

Keerty said the FBI needed to know that Dolan was a key source for Danchenko. Dolan is a Democratic operative who has been involved in every Democratic candidate’s presidential campaign since Jimmy Carter, hence Trump.

“Those lies were important,” Keerti said.

But Danchenko’s attorney, Danny Onorato, told jurors that his client was completely truthful to the FBI.

He pointed out that although Danchenko never said he was convinced Milian was the originator of the anonymous phone calls, he had good reason to believe it. In order to assess Danchenko’s subjective beliefs, jurors need to be “mind readers,” Onorato said.

Phone records may not have recorded the call, but the government does not know if the call may have been made using a mobile app rather than a traditional phone provider, Onorato said. not. In fact, Onorato says it makes more sense for such calls to be made using an internet app. This is because many Internet apps hide the caller’s origin and the caller wishes to remain anonymous.

Onorato said Danchenko answered questions honestly about allegations about his talks with Dolan. If the FBI wanted to know about the email exchange, they should have asked a different question, Onorato said.

“The law does not allow rewriting dictionaries,” said Onorato.

Keerty opened by admitting to jurors that there was evidence that the FBI had erred in conducting the investigation, but said Danchenko should not be acquitted.

“Bank robbers can’t get through just because the guards were asleep,” Keerti said.

The first indictment witness was FBI analyst Brian Auten, who testified that information from the Steele dossier was used to support a surveillance warrant against Trump campaign official Carter Page.

When questioned by Durham, Orten testified that the documents were used to bolster surveillance applications, even though the FBI was unable to substantiate the allegations.

Auten said the FBI asked other government agencies for corroboration, but received nothing. Auten and other of her FBI agents met with Steele in the UK in 2016 and she offered to offer her $1 million if she could provide materials to support her dossier claims, but nothing. was not offered.

Danchenko is the third person indicted by Special Counsel John Durham appointed to investigate the origins of the “Crossfire Hurricane” given to the FBI’s 2016 investigation into former President Trump’s Russian ties. is. It’s also the first Durham case to delve deep into the origins of the dossier Trump mocked as fake news and a political witch hunt.

https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2022/oct/11/russian-analyst-igor-danchenko-steele-dossier-sources Prosecutor Claims Russian Analyst’s Sources in Trump Papers Falsified | FBI

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