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Putin could be ‘dangerous and reckless’: CIA director on future path of Russian president

As the Central Intelligence Agency celebrates its 75th anniversary this year, intelligence agencies continue to monitor it. war in ukraine And Russian President Vladimir Putin. CBS News visited the agency’s headquarters in Langley, Virginia, to speak with Secretary William Burns and ask if Putin is concerned about the matter. Progress made by the Ukrainian army Hundreds of thousands fleeing Russia.

“He has to worry not only about what’s happening on the Ukrainian battlefield, what’s happening domestically, what’s happening internationally.” Standing next to Xi Jinping in February of last year, they declared unlimited friendship.Well, it turns out that friendship has some limits.”

Noting that China has not provided the kind of military support that Putin probably wanted, Mr. Burns said China has been somewhat less supportive of Russia in the conflict. Despite this, Mr Burns said Mr Putin was still “stubbornly confident in his judgment”.

Burns said that if the Russian leader feels cornered or has his back against the wall, it can be “very dangerous and reckless”. According to estimates, Putin is also basing his approach going forward on “flawed assumptions that he believes can withstand a fight with the Ukrainians, the United States and the West.”

On how much attention China is paying to the war, Burns said he believes Xi is “looking like a hawk at what’s happening in Ukraine.”

“I think he’s taken a bit of a turn for the poor performance of the Russian military,” he said. “China’s leadership sees what will happen when they invade, and the aggressors are also resisting with courage and tenacity.”

Burns said the revelation could change Xi Jinping’s attitude toward Taiwan.

“President Xi Jinping today is firmly committed to achieving reunification, or domination, of Taiwan, but insists he prefers to pursue means to achieve it, excluding the use of force.” Burns explained. “But he also instructed the military to be ready for a successful invasion of Taiwan by 2027. There is a risk of potential conflict.”

https://www.cbsnews.com/news/william-burns-vladimir-putin-can-be-dangerous-and-reckless-cia-director-interview/ Putin could be ‘dangerous and reckless’: CIA director on future path of Russian president

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