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Ranking Tips for Buying the Best Party Tents

The pandemic might have negatively affected summer customs. Masked and distanced, many people gave up concerts, events, parties, and more. At the end of summer came fall, and you had the chance to use some time outdoors and participate in some socially distant actions and outdoor dining. Besides, you can make your delayed occasion go on (with preventative measures). That’s possibly the primary reason why the demand for party tents increased those days. To date, things haven’t normalized, and a tent is an excellent accessory for any outdoor event. Although there are quality tents for sale, some are poorly constructed or made of inferior materials. Besides, you need a perfect tent size to ensure your guests are comfortable. This page outlines tips for buying the best tents.

How large should the tent be?

Tents come in various sizes, for example, 10 x 20, 20 x 20 frame tents, 20 x 40 pole tents, 20 x 30, 30′ x 30′, and more. To determine the right tent size, you should know the type of event you’re hosting and how many guests will attend. Two queries determine the required amount of space: the number of guests and the type of party arrangement. For example, a 30 x 30 frame tent will accommodate 150 guests in a sit-down dinner arrangement, while you’ll need a 30 x 60 frame tent for a sit-down dinner set-up. Also, consider if food will be served, if there’ll be music and dancing, if there’s a DJ, and if any products will be given or sold. As for the space for every guest, allocate six sq. ft. per head for a standing crowd, nine sq. ft. per head for a mixed standing and seated crowd, and 9-12 sq. ft. per head for people sitting at a rectangular table.

How will the weather be during the event?

Never expect a tent to function as a solid building in any circumstances. Regardless of how heavy-duty a tent’s construction materials are and how stable the tents are, always remember that many tents are meant for provisional shelter. A tent’s primary aim is to protect those under it from unpredictable weather and not extremes. They will become dangerous and must be empty in the event of severe lightning, rain, or winds. Consider the local weather forecast and have a plan B in case of undesirable weather.

What is your budget?

You have the guest list, the weather projections, and the overall party plan. Before you start shopping, have a budget. You want to get high-quality party tents for sale with first-class after-sale services and rated for stability and durability. Nonetheless, the budget is very difficult. By answering these queries, you’ll have an overview of the actual budget: how much do you wish to spend? How frequently are you going to utilize it? Are you ready to pay an additional installation fee? If the tent is to be used once, it might be unworthy to part with an extra cost for installation. You might also need to acquire a small one.

Consider frame material

Steel and aluminum are the main materials for wedding tents supporting frames in the marketplace. Weight and strength are the major elements that distinguish the two. Aluminum is the lighter alternative, thus simpler to transport. Meanwhile, aluminum produces aluminum oxide, preventing further corrosion. Inversely, steel is weightier, consequently, more resilient when utilized in the same condition. The best sellers apply powder-covered steel to the frame, making it corrosion-resistant. These tents for sale mix the pros of the two materials, and you can decorate according to your preference and reuse them numerous times.

Reflect on the top fabric

There are three top material options: vinyl, polyethylene, and polyester. Vinyl is polyester containing a vinyl coating, making the top waterproof and UV resistant, and nearly all are flame retardant. Polyethylene is the widely used fabric for tents as it is waterproof and UV resistant. Polyester is the most frequently used fabric in instant shades as it is water-resistant and long-lasting. Nonetheless, vinyl tops can only offer minimal UV protection.

Put into consideration sidewalls

Sidewall style is the principal factor that concludes how a party tent appears. You can select for clear, mesh, opaque, and some with faux windows if you’re not searching for customized party tents for sale. Clear sidewalls provide guests with a full view of the surrounding areas from inside the structure. Sidewalls with mesh can allow air to circulate under a tent while hindering common pests for outdoor occasions. These sidewalls should only be utilized when poor weather isn’t expected due to their open feel. Opaque sidewalls offer private tent parties for the sale of tents that might have sensitive exhibitions and in areas with excessive light. Tents with faux windows allow light to penetrate the tent and are great for high-end events.

Check for the necessary anchoring accessories

Most wedding tents need to be fastened for more robust stability. Stakes, ropes, extra weights, and stakes are standard accessories. If included in a package, you’ll save some money. However, you should ensure they are sufficient for everyday use.

A tent is a tremendous accessory for any open-air event. Besides ensuring your guests have enough room for enjoyment, you need durable tents. The above will ensure you get desirable tents.

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