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Ron DeSantis leads Donald Trump by 23 points in the Republican polls. 2024 US presidential election

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis leads a new poll on the 2024 Republican presidential nominees. donald trump 23 points.

Republican and Republican-leaning voters took a heavy toll on the former president’s ego in a survey conducted by . USA Today and Suffolk University and released on Tuesday.

Good news for Trump another vote The same period was covered by the Morning Consult, leading DeSantis by 18 points.The poll site FiveThirtyEight continues to show Trump leads in most polls.

Nonetheless, David Palaiologos, director of the Center for Political Studies at Suffolk University, said: told USA Today: “Republicans and conservative independents increasingly want Trumpism without Trump.”

That was evident in the rise of DeSantis. Former U.S. Army Lawyer A far-right congressman who, as Governor of Florida, has pursued clearly Trumpist hardline and theatrically cruel policies, especially on immigration and education.

Last month, DeSantis marked a resounding win for re-election with a confident speech, declaring a “wake up and die” condition to chants of “two more years.”

Trump announced his third straight run for the Republican nomination shortly after the midterm elections.

But he showed little valuable momentum, especially after an election in which most of the candidates he supported in key state posts and Congress lost, contributing to the disappointment of the Republican Party.

Mr. Trump is also facing widespread legal hazards over attempts to overthrow the election, retention of White House records, and his business.

United States of America today Said The poll showed waning enthusiasm for Trump’s re-election among Republican and Republican-leaning voters.

“In July, 60% Republican He wanted Trump to run again. By October, that number had dropped to 56% of his. Now he’s down to 47%, nearly matching his 45% who don’t want to run for a third time. “

Polls show President Joe Biden up 47%-40% in a nominal rematch with Trump.

Biden is 80, Trump is 76. Biden said he would decide whether to run again over the Christmas holidays.

New polls show DeSantis, 44, ahead of Biden by 47%-43% in potential matchups.

Palaiologos sounded the familiar bells and whistles, saying a big primary could divide Republican opposition to Trump and give him the nomination again.

“Add the many other Republican presidential candidates splitting the anti-Trump vote and you have a recipe for repeating the 2016 Republican caucuses and primaries. Trump has outlasted the rest of the split.” .”

Another leading candidate, former Vice President Mike Pencenearing the announcement of execution.

Speaking Tuesday in New Hampshire, an early voting state, The former vice president told Fox News The reception, in his recent memoir, “was a great source of encouragement when considering the path we should take and what our future vocation might be.”

Pence said he and his wife, Karen, will decide whether to run next year after “prayerful consideration” over the holidays.

“We keep traveling and we keep listening,” he said.

https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2022/dec/14/desantis-trump-2024-republican-presidential-poll Ron DeSantis leads Donald Trump by 23 points in the Republican polls. 2024 US presidential election

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