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Self-service washing machine Electolux

Among the most convenient and popular service functions, both masters and users consider the self-diagnosis function integrated into most models of automatic washing machines. Thanks to this functionality, when the system detects any breakdown, the washing process is interrupted, and Electrolux error codes are displayed on the scoreboard or on the front panel indicators, indicating a faulty unit. Using the tables below, you can decipher the system message, as well as get acquainted with the causes of the error and try to restore the washing machine using short recommendations.

At the same time, it should be taken into account that the error codes of Electrolux washing machines are determined by the system from the information read from the sensors and compared with the washing stage and other data. In this case, a malfunction of one of the sensors can affect the accuracy of the system’s determination of a faulty node.

Specialists using the error codes of Electrolux washing machines, and comparing them with external manifestations of malfunctions, are able to absolutely accurately determine not only the faulty unit, but even the failed part. But there are cases when you yourself can fix the error and the washer will continue to work.

In models of Electrolux washing machines that are not equipped with displays, the diagnostic system displays its messages on the front panel LED indicators in the form of blinking of certain LEDs. The location of the signal lamps and the way they are displayed depends on the type of central controller used. You can find out what type is installed in your washer by the sticker on the machine itself, at the nearest service center or by the marking on the printed circuit board of the module, but for this you will have to partially disassemble the washer.

So, to find out how to reset an error on an Electrolux washing machine with an EWM 1000 controller, it is enough to count the number of flashes of two LED indicators: the first of them is located next to the START / PAUSE key (defines the first digit of the code), and the second indicates the completion of the washing process and is also located nearby (the second digit of the error is determined by the number of its blinks).

For models without a display, there is a table ofelectrolux washing machine error codes.

In this article, we will analyze how to diagnose and decipher error codes for Electrolux washing machines without special skills and knowledge! And also consider what can be done to eliminate them.

Error on the washing machine Electrolux, Zanussi, AEG. The Electrolux company produces washing machines under three brands, Electrolux, Zanussi and AEG. Error codes and the method for reading them are the same for these brands. The self-diagnosis system, if an error is detected, issues a fault code in the form of a numerical code with the letter E, for example, E-21, a drain error. The washing machine cannot drain the water and therefore continue the program. This is if the machine has an information display. In case of its absence, the machine signals a malfunction by flashing LEDs. In addition, error codes are, as it were, divided into two types:

  1. These are errors that the owner can fix on their own without resorting to the services of the service. For example, clean the drain filter E-21 or the filling filter E11. The machine shows such errors in the process of work, in order to see them, special skills are not needed.
  2. Critical errors, the elimination of which requires special knowledge and tools. Moreover, the washing machine just does not show such errors. It is expressed like this. As a rule, after pressing the start button, the drain pump turns on for thirty seconds, after which the program does not start. The machine enters ready mode.

To find out the fault code, you must enter the service test. In a certain mode, it shows fault codes that, after reading, must be erased from the device’s memory. If this is not done, then even after eliminating the malfunction, the machine will not work.

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