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Shift Your Outbound Calling Into Higher Gear And 100% Remotely

TV and radio commercials, advertising, trade shows, publicity, and seminars are workable. Yet the only reason why customers constantly buy from you is when you contact them via phone, chat, or whatever.

If you wish to contact fast, here’s where the 100% remote outbound call center enables contacts to persuade and retain customers in any country in the world.

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These Two Categories Of Customers Want Constantly Hear From You

Heavy users are the first category of customers you need to have at the top of your list. Frankly, this is the 20% of consumers that generate 80% of the revenue. These consumers are the core audience in any business.

The second category is highly potential and accountable customers that could be your regular buyers. These consumers show a natural interest in similar to your products. A hefty percentage of them are currently buying from your competitor. But who knows for how long.

Constantly raise the contact rate with these two categories listed above, and you’ll raise the revenue astronomically, starting today.

Dialers You Can Work With. Financing You Can Live With it

Have you used manual dialing for calling? Was it worthwhile? Or it was like manual efforts of listing phone numbers on your screen and pressing each key on the phone for 8 hours straight. You looked at those who used the automatic-dialing system.

You thought maybe manual dialing pay off in the future once you close a few good sales. Then you finally try out the auto-dialing system. Is it much better?

Here are real figures for you to understand the capacities of the manual versus auto-dialers, such as the predictive dialer.

The manual dialing. How fast a single agent can list numbers, press buttons, and call? And here’s how: 110 dialing attempts, 38 live calls, 63 minutes of talk time. And sales conversion is around 1% from these 38 live calls.

Add to this the listening of countless pre-recorded messages, answering machines. Do you think that ordinary phones can avoid them? They never had that capacity because this is the feature of the complex yet practical systems. Read on.

At the end of the day, with 10 operators in a contact center, dialing numbers manually, you have 1100 contacts, 385 live calls, and 11 sales. Not even close to your goals, right?

The Predictive Dialer Is Laugh On Manual Efforts

The predictive dialing. The outbound call center software refers to the complex system, with the purpose to make calling effortless and within a click. And here’s what it is all about.

The calling process of this remarkable dialer looks as follows. The predictive uses a smart algorithm to calculate the dialing pace, based on settings, statistical parameters, and calling list, for a group of operators to maximize their workload (and reduce the idle time).

The next number dialing process starts, precisely at the moment, your agent says: “Thank you and have a good day”. An agent has roughly a few seconds to prepare for the next conversation.

Thus dialer guarantees the maximum talking and the minimum idle time of agents during whole calling sessions.

If you compare predictive with manual dialing, results are remarkable: 250 dialing attempts and 188 live calls, 336 minutes of live talking. The sales conversion is around 2.5% because of 100%-free from manual efforts.

The huge advantage among other dialing systems is the feature of avoiding answering machines and busy signals. Agents know in advance that the shift is 100% filled with live conversations, intelligent solutions, persuading customers, testing sales appeals, etc.

Here’re figures about just 10 agents with the predictive and how they make a difference with an average talking time of 1,5 minutes per 1 customer: 2500 contacts, 1800 live calls, 3360 minutes of live talks, and 62 sales.

That’s why predictive dialer laughs on manual efforts. Moreover, the more agents simultaneously use the predictive, the more accurately it calculates the speed of dialing. As a result, your contact center has fewer chances for a high abandonment rate.

Enough Time To Persuade Any Customer With The Power Dialer

The power dialer. It has a slightly different dialing process than predictive. In short, it immediately dials the next phone number in the list after the end of talking with a customer. An agent isn’t chained by limited talking time, has everything for closing a sale or finding the solution.

Here’re figures about 1 agent, 8-hour shift, with an average talking time of 2 minutes. In summary, we have 150 live calls, 120 live minutes, and 2% sales conversion. Consequently, for 10 agents, these are hefty 1500 live calls, 1200 live minutes, and 2% of conversion rate.

The predictive and power dialer have unique features and purposes.

The predictive is extremely useful for calling to lists with a low pick-up rate, such as a cold customer base. Thus the predictive saves your agents maximum time with minimum effort (in comparison with manual dialing).

And the power dialer is remarkable for calling warm leads. Those highly accountable customers that request a callback, chat with you about the purchase subject, fill out the order form, etc.

Both of the systems have the function of avoiding answering machines and busy signals. Here’s the newest story about a billionaire in the call center industry that believed in the contact center software. It was recently published by Forbes and here’swhat it is all about.

 Leads priority intelligence

 During the shift, the best decision is to call customers that are likely to pick up the phone because of location, purchasing activity, income, etc. Here’s where lead scoring intelligence assists.

Put the most profitable calls and highly accountable customers at the top of your calling list. Then, smoothly process these top priority calls first, leaving others for the rest of the day.

Honey, someone is calling from a local phone number. Please pick up the phone.

That’s how it sounds when your customers see the local phone number. Calling customers from a familiar phone number is the top decision to close the maximum number of sales in the minimum time.

On the contrary, customers are too skeptical to pick up the phone with an unknown or foreign caller ID. As a matter of fact, when customers see these unknown caller IDs, they’re almost convinced that a sales pitch will follow.

Call legally to protect your wallet and reputation

Nowadays, because of Traced Act and STIR/SHAKEN implementation, you need to comply with the regulatory agencies in the US, UK, West Europe, and other countries.

Although these laws are aimed to protect customers from unsolicited robocalls and fraud. Here’re a bunch of reasons why you need auto-dialers.

By having the contact center software, specifically power and predictive dialers, you have 100% guaranteed compliance with local laws such as FTC in the US or Ofcom in the UK.

These dialers have time-zone compliance, and DNC lists function to make your calls legal yet profitable.

How to Turn Calls Into Money?

The Voiptime Cloud has these dialers and regularly furnishes small and mid-sized businesses with top-notch telemarketing software to call legally, fast, and effectively.

On the request, our customers keep their existing telephony using the function bring your own carrier (BYOC). Since 2009, we enable the most demanding requests on proposals (RFP) from heads of contact centers.

For now, our team is accessible, yet experts predict the rapid transition to the cloud of most small and mid-sized businesses in 2022. Thus vendors of contact center software could experience unexpected growth in the workload. That’s why we urge you to contact us today to be our customers on the schedule.


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