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Software, Hard Cash: 6 Industries Seeing a Digital Overhaul 

It probably comes as no surprise that tech innovations will continue to make waves in the commerce sector. Digital disruptions are changing consumer habits as well as business operations and marketing. Now and in the future, these digital overhauls will impact our industrial sectors, driving up productivity and driving down prices. 

Embracing future-forward tech is table stakes for today’s cutting-edge entrepreneurs. Business today is as much about bits and bytes as it is about stocks and bonds. Keeping up with the software flow is vital to staying competitive. Here are six industries seeing a digital overhaul in today’s economy. 

Consumer lending 

Banking used to involve going to a brick-and-mortar building, but no more. SaaS software has automated the lending process. New programs known as loan servicing software can handle loan management, servicing, and collections over the Internet, allowing customers to make secure payments online. This type of software is working behind the scenes in the digital transformation of the industry.   

The most future-forward leaders in the finance industry are leaning on the power of machine learning. Artificial intelligence makes banking virtually error-free, and AI makes virtual financial assistants and chatbots a part of the online banking experience. 


The Internet of Things, or IoT, is powering dramatic changes in manufacturing. Sensors help in organizing inventory, optimizing manufacturing processes, and saving energy. IoT is a multi-billion-dollar industry that’s only going to expand from here.

IoT can also assist in quality control and supply chain solutions, making manufacturing nimbler. Real-time information on materials, production, and more will provide managers with the data needed for critical decisions.  


The supply chain snags of 2020 and 2021 are being untangled with digital solutions that are changing the logistics industry. Sensors in vehicles provide real-time tracking information on shipments. Digital solutions can help in planning or changing routes as needed, saving energy and time. 

An essential part of manufacturing, logistics powered by digital data solutions can deliver materials as needed to factories and will put products in customers’ hands faster and more efficiently and reliably. 


Online shopping has been growing for twenty years, but the shutdowns of the pandemic have fueled e-commerce growth by more than twenty-seven percent in the past year. Changes to come include the next generation of the internet, the Metaverse, which should improve customer experiences even more. 

Even in-person shopping destinations are seeing digital disruption as IoT technology and data analysis give merchants insight into customer behavior. 


If agriculture brings to mind rural life and low-tech labor, think again. Today’s farms use cloud-based software to analyze conditions and data from farms to reduce energy use while increasing crop yields. 

Larger farms depend on digital solutions for supplies, weather data, crop forecasts, and more. Data can take some of the variables out of the farming equation to make agriculture more reliable and profitable. 


Online education was a growing trend before the pandemic, but virtual classrooms used during shutdowns won’t be going away anytime soon. Online education platforms can be a way to reduce the price of higher education.  

Other educational platforms, geared toward avocations, bring classes in everything from craft cocktails to yoga to homes. 

Digital solutions 

Software as a Service, IoT, cloud computing, and the Metaverse are making dramatic changes to efficiency, and how people live, shop, and work today and in the years to come. The future is digital, and for many industries, that future is already here. 


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