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Sports Where Soft Weapons Are Used For Training

Most well-known sports don’t allow weapons to be used in fights. However, there are some martial arts, especially from the Far East, that are based on weapons and how to use them.

In this article, we explore some of the sports where soft weapons are used for training.


Arnis is the Philippines’ official martial art. It’s also called Kali, Eskrima, or Escrima.

If you want to learn Filipino martial arts, you need to know that they are very different from many other types of martial arts in the world. They focus on weapon-based fighting where they use bladed weapons, knives, sticks, knives, and other tools. Besides, they use “open hand” techniques without any weapons.

Some of them are from the Philippines, while others are from the early colonial era—mostly Spanish.

Canne de Combat

This is a French martial art that started out as a way to defend yourself in the 19th century. Its main weapon is a canne, a cane made for fighting. At some point in the 1970s, canne de combat became standardized.

The canne itself is quite light. It’s made from chestnut wood, and is a little tapered at the top and the bottom.

To protect themselves, people wear padded suits and fencing masks, which are both made of foam.


Despite the fact that fencing isn’t a martial art, it is still a combat sport. It’s probably the most well-known sport on our list.

In modern fencing, foil, épée, and saber are the three main types of weapons used. When a weapon comes into contact with an opponent, it earns a point.

There was a fourth fencing discipline called singlestick in the 1904 Olympics. After that, it was dropped, and single stick isn’t part of modern fencing today.

Each of the three forms has a different weapon and different rules, so the sport is broken up into three parts: foil, épée, and saber.


This is a traditional Japanese martial art that comes from traditional Japanese swordsmanship. It doesn’t use real swords, like some other Japanese martial arts. Instead, it uses bamboo swords and armor to protect itself.

Today, it is very common in Japan and many other countries around the world.

Kendo is a mix of martial arts practices and values with a lot of hard, sport-like physical activity.


Kobudo is a term that refers to Japanese traditional skills and knowledge about how to use things like armor, knives, guns, and horseback riding to fight and fight back.

It is a very unique martial art that is almost unheard of in this group.

Kobudo is not a single martial art, but rather a term used to describe a wide range of weapon-based martial arts, whether they come from the main Japanese islands or the island of Okinawa.


This is a type of Thai martial arts that uses weapons, like swords and knives.

Its name is based on its most important weapons, which are the Thai sword (krabi) and the staff (sama) (krabong). As a general rule, two swords—daab song mue—are used as a pair.

Different types of sticks and swords are also used in this martial art. There is even a shield.


Naginatajutsu is the Japanese martial art of using the naginata, a pole or weapon that looks a lot like the medieval European glaive.

If you live in Japan, you are more likely to see women practicing Naginata than men. In other countries, there is more of a gender balance.

Outside of Japan, Naginata is common in Europe, Australia, and the Americas.


Both the martial art and the weapon that is used in the art are called “singlestick.” It began as a way to teach sailors how to use swords like the sabre or the cutlass.

Earlier, we talked about canne de combat, a type of stick fighting in France. It’s a lot like singlestick play, but there’s also a self-defense version with a walking stick.

The singlestick itself is a long, slender piece of wood, usually made of ash. It has a basket hilt and a handle that looks like a flower.

They are usually 36 inches long, one inch wide, and thicker at one end than the other. They are called singlesticks because they are used only once.

As with the foil and the small sword, it’s a fun way to practice with a weapon that’s safe for people to use.

Taiho jutsu

Taiho-jutsu translates to “arresting art. It’s a term for martial arts that were used by the Japanese feudal police to catch armed and dangerous criminals.

When feudal police officers tried to catch people who were breaking the law, they wanted them to be alive and unharmed. The origin of taiho-jutsu methods is traditional Japanese schools of Kenjutsu and Jujutsu. The goal of the feudal police was to capture criminals alive without hurting them.

Thus, they used special tools and unarmed techniques that were meant to calm or incapacitate suspects instead of more lethal methods.

Now that you know some of the sports where soft weapons are used for training, get a soft weapon for your favorite sport on this site.

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