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Stephen Colbert says Kanye West banned from ‘The Late Show’ theaters: ‘Stay away from Times Square’

Kanye West continues to face backlash after making multiple anti-Semitic comments earlier this month. I was banned from going to the theater to film and the “northern half of Times Square”.

Colbert said in the show’s opening, “After much thought and soul-searching, I, Stephen Colbert, are banishing Kanye West from the Ed Sullivan Theater.” make a line

Colbert went on to joke that his “jurisdiction extends as far as the northern half of Times Square.”

“We ban Kanye from coming north of Bubba Gump Shrimp.” ”

Colbert Finally Bans Kanye West From The Late Show | Biden’s Corvette Hits 118 MPH To
Late Show with Stephen Colbert upon

Colbert continued that the move “has taken far too long.”

“There’s no excuse for why I didn’t do this before. Probably because he never appeared on the show, we never asked him to appear on the show, and I except I’m not sure he knows that has a show..but I was afraid he’d show up anytime, like he did yesterday, so I have to do it now. did.”

On Wednesday, Skechers said he “Arrived without notice Uninvited” and “I was engaged in unauthorized filming” Adidas ended partnership Ye about his recent anti-Semitic remarks.

“In the last five years, the idea of ​​Kanye’s unannounced visit has gone from amazing to ‘Sir, I need to leave this Skechers,'” joked Colbert. “…worse, unlike Adidas, Kanye never signed a deal with Skechers. It seems there is.”

this is just latest denunciation because he threatened to “go to death”, [sic] con 3″ Jew. cut off their relationship with an artist.

https://www.cbsnews.com/news/stephen-colbert-kanye-west-banned-the-late-show-ed-sullivan-theater/ Stephen Colbert says Kanye West banned from ‘The Late Show’ theaters: ‘Stay away from Times Square’

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