Stop. Install This Indoor Cycling App & Go!

Are you a fan of cycling? If you are then stop whatever you are doing. This is an important post. Before you think why it is important, hurry up, install this new Indoor cycling app called Vingo. If you have never used this app, then you are already missing a lot of hot and happening things in the field of cycling. Whether you are cycling to keep yourself fit or for participating in a competition, the app will be an excellent companion for you. So what are you waiting for, hurry up and install the app now. 

Vingo Comes with a Year of Free Use

The app is normally priced at above $15/ month but now you can get this app for free. If you install the app today, you can use it without paying anything for one whole year. It is under a trial and in beta. So, you can get all the benefits of the app without the costs associated with it. As of now you can use the app only if you have an iPhone or other devices that work on the iOS. However you can soon use the app across other platforms too. Whether you have a laptop por a mobile phone or a tab, you can use it soon. The app will also be available for Windows and Android devices. The developer has not indicated support for other devices like Linux, Ubuntu etc. If you are thinking about indoor cycling, it is high time that you get on this app today. 

Step Up Your Cycling Experience

Vingo comes with a number of features that can take your cycling experience to a whole new level. The app not only tracks your activity in real time. It also creates a whole new virtual world in which you can exercise at your convenience. This new method of cycling is called online cycling. Interestingly, more and more people are adopting this new way of exercise. Are you also interested in experiencing this? 

A Multi-Purpose App Made for Everyone

Vingo supports a number of cycles and exercise equipment. So, when you cycle, you don’t need to worry about tracking how much you exercise everyday. The best part of the app is, it can be used by anyone. Even if you are a digital novice you can use the app with ease. You can connect your equipment with your device through Bluetooth. It is a straightforward process. However, if you face any problems, the support group is huge for this app. In fact, you can even connect your treadmill and use this as an app for running.

Protect Your Body & health Today with the Vingo App

Perhaps, the quick growth of the app can be attributed to the widespread awareness about the need for a healthy lifestyle. The app helps you to take all the urgent care that you should have. You can now focus on your fitness with the app by your side. Get fit and healthy while doing what you love the most.

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