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The Buffalo Bills record the craziest two minutes in NFL history … again | Buffalo Bills

W.Patrick Mahomes vs Josh Allen January playoff thriller, it was inconceivable that any near-future (or future) game would match its insanity. Now, have our beer, Vikings and Bill said on Sunday.

The Bills suffered a similar fate in that playoff game, suffering a devastating loss in overtime. 33-30 this timeAnd Josh Allen was just as distraught as January.But not because of NFL rules prevented him from stealing the ball Working overtime. This time, Allen was the central culprit of the loss.

Allen’s mistakes were a recurring theme, but they were just a small part of the fascinating football we experienced in the final minutes of regulation on Sunday. To summarize the brain-burning action during the dying phase (not an easy task):

— The Vikings are behind 27-23 (because they missed the extra point on CJ Hamm’s touchdown) and need to score a touchdown to win.

— With a 12-play, 75-yard drive, Justin Jefferson proves he’s not human. Receivers catch everything in sight regardless of the number of defenders. This includes his 32-yard one-handed catch in the 4th and his 18th incredible.

— All effort is in vain as the Vikings are crammed to the goal line in a sequence that includes Kirk Cousins’ trip and Jefferson’s catch. Offside brings the Vikings closer, but a 4th down fails to push Cousins ​​to the goal line. The Bills are on their way to victory again. (It’s disturbing enough for anyone who isn’t a Bills or Vikings fan; I can’t imagine how real fans felt.)

— Then, with 41 seconds left and the Bills leading 27-23, bad snaps come and the Bills end all bad snaps at their own 1-yard line. The Vikings hold off a loose ball in the Bills endzone to take a 30-27 lead (kidding?)

— 36 seconds is enough time for Allen to drive the Bills into field goal range (thanks in part to maybe don’t stand). His 29-yard field goal for Tyler Bass is good. Heading to overtime! (It’s not like this game ended with regulation.)

— Minnesota won the toss and made a big profit. Will we be robbed of Allen again? No way. Vikings can only call field goals. What are you talking about, Bills?

— Allen leads a great drive and picks up huge chunks of yards with his feet and toughness.but he throws the ball In the hands of Patrick Peterson. Game over.

It was a crushing blow for Buffalo, considering they were leading 27-10 in the third quarter. Allen took responsibility for the bad snap when the game appeared to be over. in the last two gamesAllen threw four interceptions, three Only one touchdown in the red zone. Bills is 0-2 on that span. At one point this season, the Bills looked like the best team in football, and now they’re 6-3, and alongside the New York Jets, he’s second in the AFC East. I’m here. (The Jets own the tiebreaker thanks to better divisional records).

Buffalo’s only consolation was that this was not a playoff game and Allen was playing at Bum Elbow. Almost unknown until kickoffThe quarterback showed arm strength and athleticism even on Sunday. After all, 75% of Allen is better than most quarterbacks as long as he can eliminate the mental mistakes that plagued him early in his career. No wheels dropped at Buffalo – Allen’s elbow continues to heal and, at some point, stud-corner Tredavius ​​White will make his 2022 debut – but when it comes to these glamorous finishes, this team will I wonder if I am destined.

For Minnesota, hello, see you 8-1 Vikings.many NFL Fans didn’t pay much attention to them because the Vikings don’t have a flashy quarterback. But damn, can Cousins ​​engineer a comeback. Fifth This season, he orchestrated a 4th quarter comeback, tying an NFL record. At Buffalo he lost 27-10 and it’s worth noting that Von Miller played well in the second half. The argument that the Vikings’ record was due to facing a weaker team and had many backup quarterbacks can now be dismissed. Minnesota’s only loss this season was to the undefeated Philadelphia Eagles There are many things I like about it, as shown in Buffalo.

MVP of the week

Tua Tagovailoa has led the Miami Dolphins with a striking look this season. Photo: Wilfred Lee/AP

Tua Tagovailoa, quarterback, Miami Dolphins. Heading into the offseason, Tua skeptics lined up for miles. He probably didn’t look the part or had the strength of his arm.The Dolphins should look out for DeShawn Watson or Russell Wilson, they said.Tagovailoa deliver another sensational performance as Dolphins now 7-3 39-17 win Above the Cleveland Browns. Tagovailoa was near perfect, passing for his 285 yards and his three touchdowns. Having an arsenal like Tyreek Hill helps, but Tagaviailoa deserves the credit for Miami’s soaring. His 118.4 passer rate this season is the highest for a third-year quarterback in NFL history.

video of the week

Tom Brady was about to showcase his many talents to a German audience, but stumbled along the way. Brady said he would have prevented the pick by tackling a defender had he not been buried in the ground. right …

Luckily for Brady, this interception, and the interceptions he threw during the slam as a quarterback, mattered little for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. key 21-16 win Over the Seattle Seahawks. The Bucks’ defense was spectacular in the first half, putting pressure on Geno Smith at will and keeping the Seahawks scoreless. On the other side of the ball, the Bucks finally found a running attack, with Rashard his White scoring his 105 yards on his 22 attempts.

The crowd in Munich was great. They rode the wave, belted out Take Me Home, Country Roads, and stayed in the stadium after the game, rocking, singing, and taking in the spectacle of the NFL.

quote of the week

Jim Irsay: “Jeff’s fingerprints are all over this win.”

The team has simplified its playbook significantly, delegating a lot to assistants on Saturday.

— Zach Kiefer (@zkeefer) November 14, 2022

Jim Irsay pretended Adopting the unconventional Jeff Saturday It worked fine the first week. Irsay said Saturday delegated a lot to the assistant, who streamlined the playbook.Result is 25-20 win About the ill-fated Las Vegas Raiders and Josh McDaniels, who split with Indianapolis before his head coaching term began. The Colts’ coaching staff made an attractive move to bring in Matt his Ryan, who has been on the bench since Week 7.

This week’s stats

McDaniels started his coaching career with a 6-0 record.Since then he 7-24McDaniels is sending the Raiders into a spiral. They said he lost four games in a row and plays undisciplined football. He committed 10 penalties for 74 yards on Sunday. Derek Carr started the game 0-5, but was able to make adjustments. No matter how you feel about the Raiders, it’s worth seeing an emotional and “pissed off” Kerr after the game. This is not a happy franchise.

Elsewhere in the league

— Former Bears wideout Muthin Muhammad once called Chicago “where receivers die.” Thanks to quarterbacks like Rex Grossman, Jay Cutler and Mitch Trubisky, that statement has been proven true. The Bears have found a quarterback who is not only talented and athletic, but fun to watch.

Bears lost 31-30 to the Detroit Lions on Sunday But Fields stole the show, especially on the ground. A week after putting up 178 rushing yards, Fields ran for another 147 yards and was responsible for four touchdowns. Unfortunately, he added a timely pick 6, but the future looks bright.

— Aaron Rodgers There was a word that was not so good Head coach Matt Lafleur played conservatively rather than trying to win the final two minutes of regulation against Mike McCarthy’s Dallas Cowboys.green bay packers Ultimately won 31-28 In overtime, Christian Watson’s breakout game helped overhaul a two-point deficit.

— TJ Watt returned to the Pittsburgh Steelers after missing seven games and quickly made two tackles. Levi in ​​his corner Wallace said after the game that Watt’s mere presence “affects everything.”Steelers Beat the New Orleans Saints 20-10.

https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2022/nov/14/buffalo-bills-minnesota-vikings-josh-allen-bad-snap-nfl-football The Buffalo Bills record the craziest two minutes in NFL history … again | Buffalo Bills

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