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The Complete Guide to Home Styles in Arizona

A home is as important as it is personal. It describes your tastes, lifestyle, and the type of person you are. So on that note, let’s take a moment to think about what kind of home is right for you. Do you want a sprawling ranch-style estate with expansive swimming pools and lush gardens?

Maybe you want that New York loft apartment overlooking the city skyline? Or maybe a small but cozy bungalow in a historic neighborhood would be more your speed. Whatever it is, Arizona has dozens of neighborhoods to choose from.


This type of residence is the most popular in this state. It’s big, spacious and airy. These homes are decorated with all the bells and whistles that one could ask for. Typically modern interior details such as marble, granite, wood, and natural finishes create an ambiance synonymous with contemporary style.

Additionally, these homes are designed with a seamlessly integrated interior and exterior. The only downside to this residence style is that they tend to be very expensive and require a premium mortgage.

Midcentury Modern

Another popular style of home built in the last few decades is mid-century modern design. These homes typically feature simple yet elegant aesthetics and lack excessive decoration. The interior also tends to be simpler in design than the contemporary style. However, these homes are still big and spacious, just not as expansive as their contemporary style counterparts.

Besides that, they tend to be cheaper. One disadvantage of such a residence is that they tend to be cramped and cozy with limited square footage. They also tend to be less energy efficient than other styles.

Spanish Mission

This style is characterized by its use of stucco, adobe, and clay brick. The interiors also tend to feature rough plaster and wooden frames. Typical details include gabled roofs, arched doorways, windows, exposed beams, and columns. Homes in this style are often smaller than the previous two styles mentioned here.

So for those looking for a more minimalist design, this is the one for you. The best part about these homes is they are very energy efficient. They also tend to be cheaper since they are on the older side. The downside is these homes tend to require a premium mortgage.


This style is by far the most popular in the state of Arizona. A spacious exterior characterizes the typical ranch style with a covered porch, multiple carports, landscaping, and extensive patios. These homes tend to include large rooms and high ceilings. The interior design is rustic with unpainted surfaces, exposed natural beams, wooden flooring, and open-concept layouts.

In some instances, people in this location prefer to remodel their homes if they want more light or space to entertain guests. Some of the flaws associated with such a home include the fact that many are not energy efficient and can get pretty hot in the summer.

Mediterranean Revival

This style focuses on simple design centered around open spaces and flow. The interiors are typically well lit with large windows, there are also many windows up high.

The rooms are usually paneled in wood, and the stucco walls have a smooth texture. These homes often have a variety of arches that add to the layers of depth inside and out. These homes tend to be spacious, and many of the Scottsdale, AZ homes for sale in the luxury market feature Mediterranean-style architecture.

Hacienda-Style (aka Spanish Revival)

These homes look very similar to the previous style. However, they feature an ornate exterior that is more than likely made of stucco. They also tend to accentuate their interior decor with gold leaf, elaborate tile work, and intricate ironwork. These homes are typically built in either a two or three-story format. One of the pros is that they are usually cheaper than the previous style.

Additionally, they tend to be more energy-efficient and aesthetically pleasing. Some of the cons include their larger size, extravagant design, and lack of natural light. These homes are quite popular in Phoenix and most suitable for those looking for a rustic look.

Pueblo Revival

These homes typically feature stucco walls, adobe, and large windows. They incorporate rough crow-stepped gables and pointy roofs. The interiors are large, with high ceilings and ample natural light. This style is also one of the more energy-efficient ones. On the downside, they are quite small and require a premium mortgage.

These houses tend to be very similar to the home above, but they are set in the surroundings of pueblos, which is an old Mexican village that used to be surrounded by stone walls. They are most common in the Phoenix.

Tudor Revival

These homes feature a large facade with wooden siding, decorative chimneys, and tall windows. They also tend to have ample natural light inside. Besides that, they tend to be on the smaller side, making them suitable for a more simplistic and cozy design. On the contrary, these homes require a premium mortgage and tend to be more expensive overall. This house type might be similar to the pueblo revival, but the exterior features stucco walls instead of wooden siding. These homes also tend to be set in properties that include large front yards and lots of landscaping.

Santa Fe Style

This house is centered around a large facade, which features a porch, extensive landscaping, and adobe walls. These homes tend to be very similar to the pueblo revival style mentioned above, but they are set in a town built up during the territorial days. They are quite small, feature lots of natural light, and are very energy efficient. The only downside is their awkward size, making them less suitable for entertaining guests or storing personal items. These homes are most commonly found in the Phoenix area.


In conclusion, Arizona is a lovely place to live, especially when you decide to purchase an all-stucco home. This state is one of the most beautiful in the nation. Many people consider it a paradise for those who want a quiet, serene, and relaxing atmosphere.

This is why it’s so popular with retirees and other people looking for a slower pace of life. These homes are also an excellent investment because they tend to retain their value for many years. For more information about this topic, please give us a call.


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