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The Meaning Behind the Angel Number 555

To understand the meaning behind the 555 angel number, you have to know what an angel number is and how they are supposed to be used in your life. Angel numbers are a part of the practice known as numerology. Numerology itself is not a religion but is built on the idea that significant religious and spiritual meanings are found inside numbers.

 The word numerology refers to a path of knowledge that studies the significance of numbers and has its roots in the occult. While numerology can exist outside of the occult and can even be completely separate from certain concepts of religion, it still primarily deals with ideas of spirituality, universal energy, and finding insight into all of these things through the occurrence and interpretation of numbers.

 As you might expect, there are several ways to interpret aspects of numerology, and these interpretations are largely left up to the personal application of the individual.

What is an Angel Number?

An angel number is the occurrence of any one number repeated multiple times. These numbers can be repeated twice or up to four times and each number carries with it a specific significance. These numbers appear inside an individual’s life to convey a specific message or deeper meaning.

 An angel number can appear to anyone in seemingly any random way and there is no definable pattern for how this will happen. For instance, perhaps a time of the day where something noticeable always happens, like 2:22 p.m., or maybe you always wake up right at 1:11 a.m. for no apparent reason. If you are unaware of what an angel number could be, then it’s possible that these seemingly arbitrary occurrences would go unnoticed.

 However, once you discover what an angel number is, it’s easier to stay alert to their possibility.

How Many Angel Numbers Are There?

An angel number must be a duplicate of numbers. This can lend itself to a seemingly infinite amount of angel numbers, however, most people focus simply on the first nine numbers. Duplicates of 1-9 are easier to spot in their lives and these numbers have been assigned generalized meanings.


While the enthusiast is able to dive deeper and find certain repeats past these first nine, starting here to try and understand angel numbers is a good place.

Are Angel Numbers Always Correct?

This is a hard question to answer. Numerology is neither a religion nor is it a science so it’s left largely up to interpretation. Many of the means behind angel numbers are rather large and can be applied to a variety of situations with a surprising amount of diversity and depth.

 The idea behind angel numbers is that they are trying to convey a meaning of spiritual nature to the person who notices them. This generalized and broad subject matter can lend itself to several interpretations and methods of understanding.

 For instance, the angel number for 1, which would be duplicates of 1 such as 111, or, 1111, deals with prompting forward movement in your life. This is a number that is meant to remind you to set an intention and move forward with your dreams and ambitions.

 The angel number 222, or 2222, is a number that promotes thoughts of trust and balance. These numbers when they appear in your life are meant to make you take a moment to consider these qualities in your life.

What Does the Angel Number 555 Mean?

The angel number for 555 is unique in that it deals with the concepts of change. This number can come up in a variety of different ways. For instance, maybe you’re about to move to a new state where you’ll use a highway named ‘i55’ regularly, or perhaps your last meal cost you $5.55.

 When a person begins to notice these kinds of numbers pop up in their life, there is more than one way to interpret its significance, but the underlying theme will always be a significant change. Sometimes that change is obvious as it may occur to you during a time in life marked by newness like a new job, or place to live. Other times, it may not be readily apparent.

555 Also Has Romantic Implications

Staying in line with the underlying theme of change and newness, this number can represent passion and romance within a relationship. This could be the blooming of love and romance within a relationship that is otherwise not exhibited such qualities, or an intensification of existing passion and romance.

 Another way this number can affect a relationship is that it can show a need for balance. This can make sense inside of passionate relationships that tend to not rely on balance in the first place. This can be a sign that balance needs to take place and this leads to the fact that sometimes angel numbers can not always be positive.

Sometimes Agnel Numbers Can Represent Warnings

Like with the implications of a need for balance in a romantic relationship, sometimes angel numbers can indicate a warning. This is not always the case, but they can have a more sobering meaning.

 The meaning of 555 is commonly associated with the kind of significant change that deals with new beginnings, awakenings, resources, or general good. However, change can at times not be what we want it to be. Being open to taking these moments as an opportunity to stop and evaluate the potential changes in your life is one of the core purposes of the number 555.

Conclusion: Use Angel Number 555 to Re-Evaluate

So whether you find yourself on the precipice of great change, or in a place where change doesn’t seem present at all, take 555 as a chance to reevaluate. Where in life are you headed, how are you heading there, and what potentially needs to change?

 We should always be taking time to ask ourselves, but it can be easy to get caught up in the business of life and neglect this kind of mental exercise. So taking time to do so is a great way to use the occurrence of this number.

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