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The Most Avid Gamblers in Hollywood: Rumors and Gossips

Quite many famous Hollywood celebrities are avid casino gamblers. For them, gambling establishments have become the favorite location for relaxation and gaining the adrenalin rush. Some celebrities even managed to participate in professional tournaments, won prizes, bypassing a huge number of experienced rivals. In this list, we will tell you about the celebrities who are famous for their love of gambling.

The Most Avid Gamblers in Hollywood: Rumors and Gossips​​

1)   Hugh Hefner

The most famous gambler was the founder of Playboy, Hugh Hefner, opens our list. He could beat even an experienced gamer in most casino games and could bet both real money and strip dance. Hefner was also the owner of a casino in Las Vegas — The Playboy Club&Fantasy Tower. Perhaps, this man was able to hit a jackpot in the best casino online in Canada. This is how lucky he was!

2)   George Clooney

The film “Ocean’s friends” was a preview of George Clooney’s gambling way in Hollywood. He is in touch with many gambling celebrities and plays at the table himself quite often, which is confirmed by pictures of the paparazzi in Las Vegas. Clooney even thought about opening his own casino. According to gossips, the project price was about $3 bln, but it wasn’t implemented.

3)   Brad Pitt

Also, the same film inspired Brad Pitt. Usually, between filming, he could be found at the casino playing slots. Being Clooney’s close friend, Brad frequently attends Las Vegas gambling rooms with him.

4)   Jennifer Tilly

Except for being a Hollywood actress, Jenifer is an avid poker player. She started to play by participating in one of the television shows. Jennifer currently owns the 2005 WSOP golden bracelet. In addition, she was able to beat about 600 players in the Ladies No-Limit Texas Holdem competition and won. As an experienced poker player, she tried to participate in several shows but was unable to qualify.

5)   Paris Hilton

The Hollywood golden girl Paris Hilton is also among the honored players. She can be seen in luxury gambling clubs in different states. In her Twitter account, she wrote more than once that she likes gambling and Las Vegas. So, celebrating her last birthday, she won $30,000.

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6)   Ben Affleck

This man is not only a world-known director and actor but also a good poker player. His largest pot was $800,000, but being not sober, he gave over $150,000 as a tip to the croupier. Three years later, Ben beat 90 players and hit the jackpot in the California Poker Championship, and the sum of the jackpot was $356,000.

7)   Matt Damon

The hobby to play poker appeared when world-known player Johnny Chan started his training. Now Matt can be found in the best casinos in Las Vegas with George Clooney or Ben Affleck.

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