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The Pros and Cons of Bitcoin

With cryptocurrencies gaining traction in financial markets it’s pretty clear that we’re in the next phase when it comes to the world of finance. One virtual currency, in particular, is pretty popular. Bitcoin is the one in question and it’s getting a huge following because of the perks it brings. But don’t think it’s a perfect currency. Just like any other currency, it has its flaws that you need to be aware of.

The Perks

Since it’s a virtual currency you won’t get any coins or banknotes to pay with. Instead, all your assets are online where you can conduct any kind of transactions. Another interesting thing about this cryptocurrency is the fact that you own your assets. No bank or any other third party has access to them and you won’t be charged any fees for maintenance.

Also, you need a username and a password for using your assets, so no financial or personal information is shared which keeps you anonymous. You’ve got 2 keys you can use to make a transaction. The first one is a private key which also serves as your password and the second one is the public one. The latter is the one you can share with someone to make the transaction possible. The former one is a seal of approval for the transaction and you don’t share it with anyone.

Moreover, you can use Bitcoin to buy goods and services online, but you can also swap it for fiat currencies as well as other cryptocurrencies. However, it’s the profit potential that gets the masses riled up. You can earn money when trading Bitcoin, but you’ll need to learn how to trade first. You can do this via a trading simulator app or you can rely on a trading platform like Bitcoin Champion.

This is a platform that combines user input along with an algorithm to provide users with spectacular results. For that purpose, you’ll need to create an account and dedicate a small amount to your trading budget. You won’t be left to figure things out by yourself. In other words, you’ll go over some tutorials and will be provided with a demo account to get a better grasp of the platform. When you’re done training you can take the platform for a test drive with a live session. Afterward, you’re free to increase your budget and experiment as much as you want.

The Flaws

As mentioned before, Bitcoin is far from perfect. One of the flaws is the cryptocurrency’s volatility. This means that if the value drops overnight, then the value of your Bitcoin will drop as well. The opposite can also happen and your assets will rise in value which is how you can profit substantially. In other words, it’s a relatively stable currency.

Security is another major issue. That’s because hackers can get a hold of your assets if you store them in a wallet with weak security. They’ve been known to hack online exchanges which makes trading Bitcoin quite risky. But you can counter them by taking a few steps.

Make sure the online exchange you’re about to register on doesn’t have a history of being hacked. With this, you’ll make sure you’re trading at a safe place. Your storage or your wallet should be secure as well. Loose security is what gets hackers’ attention. So, in the abundance of wallets find one that has good security measures. Also, make sure that the wallet suits your needs and get familiar with the different kinds of wallets. Once you’ve picked one out you will become a better Bitcoin trader and user. Your assets will be safe and you’ll be able to focus on trading.


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