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The White House says the three objects shot down after the Chinese reconnaissance balloon may be harmless.usa news

Three unidentified objects shot down by US fighter jets since Friday could turn out to be balloons linked to “harmless” commercial or research activities, White House officials said Tuesday. said to

The United States has found no evidence linking these objects to China’s balloon surveillance program or other countries’ spy programs, said National Security Council spokesperson John Kirby. told reporters.

“These three objects are [People’s Republic of China’s] Spy programs, or they were definitely involved in outside intelligence gathering operations,” he said.

Instead, Kirby said, although no one has come forward to claim ownership, the “primary explanation” is that the object may have been privately operated for commercial or research purposes. .

The unidentified object shot down by a U.S. fighter jet in northern Canada on Saturday was “a small metal balloon with a payload moored underneath,” according to a Pentagon memo to U.S. lawmakers. bottom. CNN.

Details about this mysterious object are one of three shot down by the United States in eight days after a suspected Chinese spy balloon crossed the U.S. mainland on February 4 and was shot down over the Atlantic Ocean. is. Information from Joe Biden’s presidential administration.

The object shot down over Alaska on Friday was “the size of a small car,” the memo said. It also cautioned against drawing hasty conclusions: “Do not assume that the events of the past few days are related.”

The object shot down in Lake Huron on Sunday was previously called “Octagonal structure” is attached to the string.

A spokesman for the National Security Council told CNN, “These objects didn’t look much like Chinese balloons, and they were much smaller than Chinese balloons. Until we recover the debris we’re working on, we’re not going to see any characteristics of them.” cannot be clarified,” he said.

Also on Tuesday, the top US military official, General Mark Milley, admitted at a briefing in Brussels that the first attempt to shoot down an object over Lake Huron had failed.

Milley said the first missile “landed harmlessly” in the water and the second successfully shot down the object.

“We take great care to make sure these shots are actually safe,” Millie said. Associated Press“And that’s guidance from the president. Shoot it down, but try to minimize collateral damage and keep the American people safe.”

US Senators received a confidential briefing on the object on Tuesday. The briefer included the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Homeland Defense and Hemisphere Affairs, and General Glenn Vanherk, commander of the North American Aerospace Defense Command (Norad). Politico.

An information gap has fueled speculation about the origin of an unidentified flying object that was spotted and shot down over Deadhorse, Alaska. Yukon, Canada; Lake Huron, Michigan from Friday.

and Press conference On Monday, administration officials defended Biden’s decision to shoot down the object, seeking to defeat at least one strand of conspiracy theories inspired by a spate of unidentified flying objects, or UFOs.

“I know there were questions and concerns about this, but nothing. Again, no. White House Press Secretary Carine Jean-Pierre said at a news conference Monday that these recent deletions were signs of alien or extraterrestrial activity. We wanted to make sure that – you all knew that – and we’ve heard a lot about it, so it was important to say it from here.

Asked whether political pressure acted on the decision to shoot down the object, Kirby said, “There were very good reasons for doing it…these were purely and simply in the best interest of the American people.” It was an informed decision,” he said.

The three objects shot down over the three days starting Friday posed no threat to people on the ground and were not transmitting communication signals, Kirby said.

However, their altitude was significantly lower than previous Chinese balloons, which meant they posed “a very real risk to civil air traffic.”

https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2023/feb/14/flying-objects-shot-down-balloons-white-house The White House says the three objects shot down after the Chinese reconnaissance balloon may be harmless.usa news

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