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Top 10 Hand Pipes For Smoking cannabis Weed in 2022

Wondering what are the best types of hand pipes for smoking cannabis? We list the top 10 weed pipes for sale from the online head shop, World of bongs. They have a large selection of cannabis pipes, and for great prices.

Eyce Silicone Hammer Bubbler Pipe

Top 10 Hand Pipes For Smoking Weed in 2022.jpg

The silicone hammer bubbler by Eyce is a convenient and easy way to enjoy cannabis with style and comfort. The dab or cannabis accessory is made of silicone in a hammer shape, with a glass bowl included in the body; this is where you would add your cannabis product. This accessory works similar to your regular water bong, adding water to the bowl to percolate the vapors of the cannabis as it’s smoked through the glass tube. This accessory is even better as it includes a discreet bottom addition that comes off and makes it easy to store extra cannabis products. The area is sealed off with a silicone cap for security and easy storage. The glass pipe can be removed from inside the silicone for easy clean up and reinserted after clean up is done. Taking it in and out of the silicone cover is simple.

18” Large Baseball Bat Spoon Handheld Glass Pipe

Top 10 Hand Pipes For Smoking Weed in 2022.jpg

Enjoy this glass 18 inch baseball bat pipe as more than just a conversation piece at a party, as it doubles as a glass pipe holding a large amount of cannabis and a large mouthpiece for easy enjoyment. The thick, high-quality glass is great for keeping it new for longer and its size helps the vapors cool before it hits your mouth. The large object makes it a little less discreet but can be an eye-catching piece for other baseball lovers. If you are sharing with a large group, the baseball bat spoon glass pipe is the perfect choice. You don’t need to be afraid when you put this item down on a flat surface that it would roll off and smash on the ground as it has grooves added to keep it stable.

Marley Natural Wood Spoon Glass Pipe

Top 10 Hand Pipes For Smoking Weed in 2022.jpg

Step up your glass pipe collection with the Marley Natural wood pipe that provides an enjoyable cannabis experience with a very stylish look! This glass pipe comes in three separate pieces, where the handle and bottom piece are made of high quality wood and the bowl itself is made of high-quality glass. Its compact size makes it easy to take on the go and can be cleaned very easily after every use. Keep the glass pipe in good shape, as it can be set down on its own without stumbling off a surface and breaking.

Top 10 Hand Pipes For Smoking Weed in 2022.jpg

Empire Glassworks Scary Terry Pickle Glass Pipe

This pipe will make you and your friends giggle every time you use it with the scary resemblance to another animated pickle. This pickle rick glass pipe is designed through the method of glass-blowing, which makes for a well-made accessory. It is also a good size for easy transport and can be easily concealed in your bag while traveling. Enjoy cannabis by holding the grooves along the glass tube and inhaling through the small slits at the end of the pipe.

Eyce Silicone Spoon Glass Pipe with Storage

Top 10 Hand Pipes For Smoking Weed in 2022.jpg

The Eyce glass pipe with silicone covering and an extra storage compartment is the perfect cannabis accessory for the on-the-go user. Its small size, compact design, extra storage options, and high grade silicone cover makes it easy to transport anywhere you’d like. The silicone keeps the glass pipe inside from getting damaged; just like a phone case. You can drop your glass pipe without worrying about damaging it. These covers come in many different colors and patterns too.

Higher Standards Heavy Duty Spoon Glass Pipe

Top 10 Hand Pipes For Smoking Weed in 2022.jpg

The Higher Standards spoon glass pipe is the larger size among other cannabis pipes. The wide, open glass bowl at the end of the pipe allows for more cannabis use in one sitting. The larger mouthpiece is also a convenient addition to inhale larger amounts at once. Although made out of glass, the tube has good grip and can be set down flat without worry. It is lightweight and can be transported with care when paired with the collector’s protective case.

Dragon Sherlock Glass Pipe with Grips

Top 10 Hand Pipes For Smoking Weed in 2022.jpg

This glass pipe will stand out among many others with its dragon-like shape and pointy scales. It makes for a great glass pipe as not only is it aesthetically pleasing, but the design has some functional benefits too. You can keep your cannabis sitting in the bowl as it sits upright when laid flat and will not fall or get damaged.

10 Inch Long Ocean Sherlock Glass Pipe

Top 10 Hand Pipes For Smoking Weed in 2022.jpg

The Ocean glass pipe is a longer pipe in length which provides benefits when using cannabis as it allows for longer, smoother use. The quality of the glass pipe is matched by its gorgeous looking design of coral and ocean-blue colorways. This glass pipe might be longer in comparison, but it will be compact, easy to transport and conceal, and not too bad on the eye!

Stoner Mom Glass Pipe Mug from Roast & Toast

Top 10 Hand Pipes For Smoking Weed in 2022.jpg

The Stoner Mom glass mug pipe is a great gift for the mother you know who also likes to enjoy cannabis now and then. This glass pipe or mug is the perfect functional accessory for those who like to enjoy caffeine just as much. The pipe is fully functional and swirls upwards alongside the mug, which is also a fully functional mug! Get this gift in red too if you have a more confident friend. Another popular similar option trending right now is the cereal bowl pipe.

We suggest trying out the White Runtz strain with any one of these weed pipes for sale.

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