Top 7 money-making apps to try in 2022

Today, there are so many money-making opportunities on the internet. Gone are the days when the only way to earn money was to go to the office and work your average 9-5 job every single day. With the wide range of money-making applications, earning money through your smartphone has never been this easy. In this article, we’ve compiled a list of 7 of the best money-making apps to try out in 2022.

1.  Swagbucks

Swagbucks is a platform where you can answer surveys and earn reward points for your time. It’s great because you don’t need to have any expertise or knowledge on a specific topic: all you need to do is give your opinion, and you’ll earn money in exchange!

You also don’t need to make any commitments: you can answer a survey (or a few) whenever you have free time. With each survey you answer, you receive a specific amount of reward points, and you can turn those points into a PayPal payment or a gift card from your favorite store.

2.  Honeygain

Honeygain is another great app to earn some money on the side. With it, you literally won’t need to put in any effort. It’s an app that uses your device’s network connection for various purposes, such as conducting market research or collecting data from across the web.

The platform is entirely legal and safe: your personal data will not be collected or shared with third parties. The app will only collect data that is publicly available. By spreading the process out across many different devices, Honeygain is able to collect data with maximum efficiency. All you need to do is connect to the app, let it run in the background, and collect your money!

3.  Acorns

Acorns is an excellent investment platform that will allow you to invest in your future by putting in any amount of money you can spare (even if it’s just $1)! The app offers a very wide range of stocks and funds you can invest in, and it features top-notch security with its advanced encryption and multi-factor authentication. So you can be sure your funds are in good hands.

This is the perfect solution for those who don’t know too much about investment and don’t have a huge amount of funds to put into their portfolio but would love to start investing anyway.

4.  Airbnb

If you’re in need of some extra money and have some spare space at home, why not rent it out? Airbnb has made it extremely simple to list your space and find short-term tenants. Worried about the marketing and security issues? Don’t! Airbnb has a team of professional photographers to take pictures of your place for you, and the company will also guide you through all steps related to the promotion.

As for security: everything is extremely transparent and safe. You can review each potential tenant before confirming their booking, and Airbnb provides insurance for damages up to 1 million USD!

5.  Rover

If you love animals, then Rover is the app for you! This is a platform that connects pet owners with pet sitters and dog walkers. All you need to do is set up a profile with your desired rates, go through a quick background check, and wait for orders! You can work however much you’d like: just open up the app when you have some free time and find yourself a furry friend to spend some time with AND get paid for it!

6.  Neighbor

Neighbor is a platform where you can list your storage space and rent it out. If you have a garage, attic, or just a room that’s basically empty, put it to work! Once you register on Neighbor and list your space, you can receive applications from people who live close by, and you can review their profiles before making any decisions (you have a full 48 hours to decide from the moment the application is sent). It’s an excellent way to earn some extra money with minimal effort.

7.  Rakuten

Rakuten is an app that will give you a specific amount of cashback with every purchase you make through the app. Rakuten works with many big companies, such as Target, Sephora, and Walmart. So if you’re a frequent shopper at any of these – why not make some extra money?

So that was a roundup of 7 of the best money-making apps to try out in 2022. Yup, they’re all legit and will provide a very welcome addition to your monthly paycheck, so don’t waste any more time and go check them out now!

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