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Top Buy by Top Brass: CEO Zeitz’s $1 Million Bet on HOG

A company’s top management tends to have the best insider view of the business, so when a company’s executives make a major acquisition, investors are wise to take note. Perhaps the only reason insiders use their hard-earned cash to buy stock in the open market is because they expect to make money. company, or both. In this series, we look at the biggest insider purchases by “top brass” over the past six months. His one of them was a total of $1 million by Jochen Zeitz, his CEO of Harley-Davidson Inc (symbol: HOG). .

purchased insider Title stock price/share worth
2022/09/02 Jochen Zeitz Representative Director and President 25,750 $38.94 $1,002,627.75

Zeitz’s average cost will be $38.94 per share. Shares of Harley-Davidson Inc traded at $42.70 at the last check, up about 3.7% on Monday. The chart below shows his one-year performance of his HOG stock against the 200-day moving average.

Looking at the chart above, HOG has a 52-week range low of $29.80 per share and a 52-week high of $44.46 per share.

Harley-Davidson Inc pays a current annual dividend of $0.63 per share, currently paid in quarterly installments, with the most recent ex-dividend date of September 9, 2022. Below is the long-term dividend history chart for HOG. This will help determine if the recent dividend is around $100. Yields of 1.5% per annum are likely to continue.

HOG + Dividend + History + Chart

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https://www.nasdaq.com/articles/top-buys-by-top-brass%3A-ceo-zeitzs-%241m-bet-on-hog Top Buy by Top Brass: CEO Zeitz’s $1 Million Bet on HOG

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