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Top-Rated Fishing Spots in Australia

Australia is famous for its fantastic fishing. Thousands of kilometers of fish-rich coastline run across the country, from the cool waters of the south to the world’s largest barrier reefs. Sea fishing is especially interesting in Australia. This is a very popular activity. There is much fish like sailboats, tuna, or marlin, swimming in the blue waters along the coast. The country hosts the largest fishing tournament in the Southern Hemisphere. Freshwater fishing in Australia draws anglers to mighty rivers and pristine lakes. You can even fish in cities. It is simply an unforgettable experience as there are many species of fish in the bays, harbors, rivers, and beaches. A fishing license is required for both freshwater and saltwater fishing. Once you’ve decided on a spot, head to the tackle shop to talk to the locals about your catch and fishing conditions. Here are some fishing spots in Australia. Don’t forget to take the best fishing lures from Fishing Superstore.


Surrounded by incredibly beautiful serpentine waterways, Sydney offers guests a varied fishing experience. You can fish directly from the boat in Sydney Harbor, with beautiful views of the Sydney Opera House and Bridge. Here you can catch salmon, bream, yellowtail, and many other types of fish.

Many fishermen enjoy fishing on the cliffs along the coast but beware of the waves as they sweep everything off the rocky headlands along the beaches and coves of Sydney. Another good fishing spot in Sydney is the Parramatta River. It is the main tributary of Sydney Harbor. Its numerous waterways offer fishing for bream, asp, blackfish, and many other species. However, along the river, fish are caught for entertainment rather than for food due to the fact that there are many different pollutions.

Port Lincoln, South Australia

It is located about 650 km from Adelaide. The port claims to be Australia’s capital of seafood, so it’s no surprise that it is one of the best destinations in the country. This area is located along the lower Eyre Peninsula on the shores of Boston Bay. It is mainly known for its bluefin tuna. You can cruise the blue water by boat or fish from the shore. Fishing on the rocky shore or the pier is also popular. Salmon, perch, and squid are common here.

Cape York, Queensland

Here anglers can experience an unforgettable Australian fishing adventure. The accessible remote extreme northern tip of Australia is known for its pristine beaches, uninhabited islands, and fish-rich tidal estuaries, rivers, and lagoons. During the wet season, the roads here literally become impassable, but from May to December, a stream of thrill-seeking travelers head north into a wild and remote region. The main catches here are cod, salmon, and tuna. You can ride along the coastal reefs in search of coral trout. Finish your fishing trip by cooking your catch over an open fire under the night sky. However, before going to sea, you need to check the coast and beware of crocodiles.

Cairns, Queensland

If you are looking to catch the huge black marlin, as well as other Australian fish, this is the place for you. North Queensland, and in particular the Cairns area, is known as the capital of the black marlin. The fishing season lasts from September to the end of December. The tropical waters adjacent to the reef and washing the continental shelf are rich in baitfish and plankton. They attract fish species such as mackerel, yellowfin tuna, dorado, and many others. Another plus is that Cairnes has an international airport, making it easier for anglers arriving in Australia to access it.

Central Highlands, Tasmania

The area is surrounded by over 3000 lakes. This is the best trout fishing spot in Australia. Here is Lake Arthurs, which is one of the most popular lakes for trout fishing. In spring, the mountain waters are great for fly fishing. Some lakes can only be reached on foot. The best time for fishing is from early summer to mid-autumn. Tasmania is also a great ocean fishing destination, especially along the east coast near the city of St. Helens. It is worth dressing in “layers” as the weather here changes quite quickly.

Northern Territory

Spanning Darwin and Kakadu Park, the most tropical northern rim is renowned for being Australia’s best barramundi fishing spot. The best time here is from October to December when the monsoon rains flood the region and fish gather in the estuaries of rivers and seas. Top fishing spots include Dali River, Mary, Adelaide. Kakadu Park has many rivers for fishing. However, the northern territory is famous not only for the fact that the Barramundi live here. In the dry season, reef fishing is popular, and deep-sea fishing is possible at any time of the year when the sea is calm. You can book a guided tour, or rent a boat yourself and fish on your own.


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