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Tuesday ETF Movers: CQQQ, QCLN

In Tuesday’s trading, the Invesco China Technology ETF outperformed its peers, up about 4.1% on the day. The ETF’s particularly strong components include shares of Dada Nexus, which rose about 7.3% on the same day, and shares of Weibo, which rose about 6.7%.

And today, underperforming other ETFs is the First Trust Nasdaq Clean Edge Green Energy Index Fund ETF, down about 3.1% in Tuesday afternoon trading. Among its ETF components showing the weakest reading on Tuesday were shares of Volta, down about 11.1%, and shares of Proterra, down about 10.8%.

Video: Tuesday ETF Movers: CQQQ, QCLN

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https://www.nasdaq.com/articles/tuesdays-etf-movers:-cqqq-qcln Tuesday ETF Movers: CQQQ, QCLN

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