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Two monkeypox deaths reported in New York, bringing U.S. deaths to four

New York City confirms first two deaths among residents who tested positive monkeypoxhealth officials said on Thursday.

Only 2 of the 27,635 deaths have been confirmed so far by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Infection of each place.The first confirmed death was in California A second was later reported in Ohio.

New York State Department of Health spokesperson Jeffrey Hammond said both faced “underlying medical conditions that put them at high risk for serious outcomes from monkeypox infection.”

The exact cause of death is under investigation. Hammond said the state health department is discussing the deaths with city health officials and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

“We are deeply saddened by the reported deaths of the two and our hearts go out to individual loved ones and the community. Every effort will be made to prevent further suffering from this virus,” the city’s health ministry said in a statement.

The New York City Department of Health declined to provide additional information about the death, citing patient confidentiality.

Deaths are tabulated nationwide by the CDC at intervals of just a few days Dashboard last week, pace of new infections Nationwide, it has fallen sharply.Once an early hotspot for epidemics, the city averages just a handful per day on average.

a Previously Reported Texas Patient Death A spokeswoman for the Houston-area Harris Health System said the number of patients believed to have monkeypox remains unidentified.

But federal health officials had warned that the number of severe infections and hospitalizations was rising as the virus spread to more vulnerable groups, including homeless people and highly untreated HIV-infected people.

Cases occur mainly among men who have sex with men, federal data suggesting that the majority of new cases are now in non-Caucasian patients.

“When people are severely immunocompromised, they don’t have the ability to clear the virus on their own,” CDC’s Agam Rao said at the ID Week meeting on Wednesday.

Those cases were being treated with tecovirimato, an experimental antiviral drug used to treat severe monkeypox cases, Rao said.

“It slows down replication. But the immune system still needs to be one that eliminates the actual virus,” Rao said.

https://www.cbsnews.com/news/2-more-monkeypox-deaths-new-york/ Two monkeypox deaths reported in New York, bringing U.S. deaths to four

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