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UK government revisits bill banning ‘conversion therapy’ with new protections for trans people

British government leaders pledged on Tuesday to reconsider parts of a bill banning “conversion therapy” if passed. This time, it amends protections for transgender people in addition to other LGBTQ residents in England and Wales.

so statement, UK Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Michelle Donnellan said members of parliament will publish a draft bill “soon” and will prepare the draft for pre-legislative review by the Joint Committee. said it plans to submit current parliamentary session.

“We recognize the strength of our feelings on the issue of harmful proselytizing practices and we are committed to protecting people from these practices and helping them live free from the threat of harm and abuse,” Donnellan said in a statement. The bill aims to prevent children from being exposed to “harmful online content” related to proselytizing, while also banning the practice itself. and

“It is right that this issue is being addressed through a dedicated and coordinated legislative approach, which is why today the government is publishing a draft bill setting out a proposed approach to ban proselytizing practices. That is why we are announcing that,” the statement continued. “This bill protects everyone, including those targeted because of their sexuality or transgender.”

Conversations seeking to ban “conversion therapy” — a pseudoscientific practice now commonly perceived as harmful — are psychologically charged with trying to change someone’s sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression. and sometimes can involve physical ordeal — in the UK it has been a public presence for years. in forums and parliament. After a government-led survey found that her 5% of LGBTQ people were undergoing conversion therapy, UK leaders said: said in 2018 As part of a $5.9 million effort to create a safer and more inclusive society for LGBTQ people, they will “eradicate hateful practices.”

Theresa May, then prime minister, said “no one should hide who they are and who they love,” and the government has developed a 75-point plan to increase the inclusion of LGBTQ people. did. long proposal Since then, bills have been drafted to ban the promotion or implementation of proselytizing practices, but none have passed and have not included language applying a ban on proselytizing to transgender people.

Protesters holding the flag of trans pride and
A protester carries a transpride flag and a ‘Protect transgender children’ placard during a trans rights demonstration in London on August 6, 2021. Dislikes, improved wait times for transhealth care.

Vuk Valcic/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

“This is a complex area, and pre-legislative scrutiny exists to ensure that bills before Congress do not have unintended consequences. We assure you that we will benefit from the knowledge and input from our members of Congress,” Donnellan said in a statement. Tuesday.

“The law lacks clarity and inadvertently criminalizes or chills legitimate conversations that parents and clinicians have with children, leading to a growing number of children and young people experiencing gender-related distress. It should not be harmful to being.”

The government inquiry that prompted the initial debate on the ban is the latest of its kind, so it is not known to what extent proselytizing practices targeting LGBTQ people are currently taking place in the UK. according to to the British government. LGBTQ media advocacy group Grado In recent years, as “transformation therapy” has gained worldwide attention, some providers are now using different phrases to describe the same practice.

Website post describing “conversion” or “restorative therapy” by US-based LGBTQ advocacy group human rights campaign “Such practices have been rejected by all mainstream medical and mental health organizations for decades, but due to continued discrimination and societal stigma against LGBTQ people, some practices continue to use conversion therapy.

“Minors are particularly vulnerable and conversion therapy can lead to depression, anxiety, substance use, homelessness and suicide,” it adds.

https://www.cbsnews.com/news/conversion-therapy-bill-british-government/ UK government revisits bill banning ‘conversion therapy’ with new protections for trans people

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