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Ukrainian Army vows to hold ruined eastern city of Kupyansk, but residents fear Russians return

Kupyansk, eastern Ukraine — For almost a year, Russian President Vladimir Putin has been selling the public a twisted version of his war against Ukraine based on lies about how it started and what his army is battle for and against. of the speech he gave on Tuesday Moscow was no exception, less than a year after ordering a full-scale invasion of its neighbor on February 24, 2022.

In his annual national address, the Russian dictator once again accused the West and the NATO alliance of drawing him into the war with the intention of destroying Russia and gaining “unlimited power.” He argued that the Russian people unanimously supported his attack on Ukraine, even though thousands of young people fled the country to avoid fighting in Ukraine, and that his troops Claimed to have all necessary resources to continue the onslaught.

In reality, Putin’s war machine has proved far more determined to defend its sovereignty than the Russian leader expected, or since it launched its aggression, against the Ukrainian military. It was locked in battle for months.

Ukrainian soldiers struggle to hold front line amid Russian artillery fire


The front line stretching north to south in eastern Ukraine has been largely unshakable in weeks, but both sides are believed to be preparing for a spring offensive, with Ukrainian forces receiving significant firepower from their western partners. I am hoping for further enhancement.

In the battered eastern city of Kupyansk, less than 16 miles (16 kilometers) from Russian-controlled territory, Ukrainian soldiers appear to outnumber civilians.

The city was liberated from Russian occupiers in September amid a ferocious Ukrainian counterattack, but the city, once home to about 30,000 people, has shrunk into a shell of its former self.

APTOPIX Russia Ukraine War
A woman walks by a building destroyed by a Russian attack in Kupyansk, Ukraine, February 20, 2023.

Vadim Gilda/AP

Some of the few residents who still live in Kupyansk told CBS News that the number of explosions had increased in the past few days.

The Ukrainian garrison holding the town is under threat again with increased attacks.

Volunteer Nazari said the Russians are using all the weapons at their disposal.

“Everything. Every day, everything,” he said. “But we’re used to this and we’re staying defensive.”

A Ukrainian tank rolls through the streets of the city of Kupyansk, just 10 miles from Russian territory in eastern Ukraine, in late February 2023.

CBS news

They maintain the front lines, but they are tough on the civilians left in the city.

With the local economy in tatters, families are struggling to get food and rely on volunteers to provide hot meals once a day. Resident Valentyna Chalaya told her CBS News it was the only chance to get food for many people in the city.

“No gas. We’re being bombed,” she said. “The day before yesterday, there were eight missile attacks of her on our city.”

Her neighbor Halina’s house was destroyed. She returned to collect her belongings, including her warm clothes, but she had no intention of hanging around.

Kharina, who lives in Kupyansk, eastern Ukraine, spoke to CBS News after returning to the city in late February 2023 to collect her misplaced items.

CBS news

Asked if she was worried the Russians would try to recapture Kupyansk, she said she hoped that would not happen. “But we are afraid.

“It’s so loud here. They’re firing, firing, firing,” she said. “They’re always firing”

In recent days, Russian forces have overrun small villages throughout the city and are drawing ever closer.

If Russian forces launch a new attack on the city of Kupyansk, the Ukrainian army may be dug in and even better equipped than the last time. You can either evacuate and become homeless, or duck and try to weather the oncoming storm.

https://www.cbsnews.com/news/ukraine-war-russia-news-front-line-battle-kupyansk-residents-fear-offensive/ Ukrainian Army vows to hold ruined eastern city of Kupyansk, but residents fear Russians return

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