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WeightWatchers Shares Surge After Sequence Trade

Weight Watchers brands ice cream in New York supermarket freezers.

Richard Levine | Corbis News | Getty Images

shares of WW InternationalAlso known as WeightWatchers.

stocks went up Over 70% on a Tuesday afternoon. Its market value made him over $470 million.

“As the trusted leader in weight management, it is our responsibility to support those interested in exploring whether medication is right for them,” said Sima Sistani, CEO of WW. ” he said. Notice on Monday.

Tuesday’s jump follows a year in which the stock has performed poorly. The company’s stock has fallen 57% over the past year. Pivot to Wellness And stay away from weight loss.

Sistani took over as CEO at the end of February, returning the company to its weight loss message.

The sequence announcement comes as companies across the weight-loss industry seek to offer obesity drugs as a pathway to customers looking to lose weight.

the trend is led to a shortage With drugs like Ozempic, commonly prescribed for type 2 diabetes.

https://www.cnbc.com/2023/03/07/weightwatchers-stock-surges-sequence-deal.html WeightWatchers Shares Surge After Sequence Trade

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