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What Is The Best Way To Start Learning Sql?

SQL is a standard programming language that is popularly used in order to create, design, and manage relation-based databases. These relational systems are built up of a set of tables that consist of several columns and rows made from data. Each one of these columns is a representation of a certain category of data. For instance, it can be the name of a customer or their address and all of these rows contain a data value for its intersecting column.

Founded back in 1970, the SQL language has been in use since then. It is useful in modifying a certain database and creating index structures; adding, deleting, or even updating data rows; bringing up information from a database that can further be used for the processing of transactions and analytics; or for generating database projects such as tables. Now you must be wondering, where do you start your journey of learning SQL from? Let us clear that out for you!

1. Start out Simple –

Much like any other subject, when you start your journey of learning SQL, you need to start out simple. It is needless to say that you will be excited and willing to jump into testing your SQL skills, but first, try to understand the basic concepts. Focus on learning the basic fundamental queries first. You need to first grasp things such as what machine learning is, and then move on to learning how to write other complex queries.

2. Watch as many Tutorials as You Can –

There is a vast array of free but efficient and useful tutorials available on the internet, such as the few SQL database fundamental tutorials by Microsoft. These tutorials will equip you with an interesting introduction and deep knowledge of all the terminologies, skills, and concepts related to SQL databases.  A few of the tutorials are interactive, which means that you will be able to manipulate data in order to create your own queries so that you can test your knowledge of SQL.

3. Attend A Professional Course on SQL –

It is true that you will be able to teach yourself a few basic and fundamental commands based on SQL, however, for the long run, attending a SQL certification course will help you acquire useful skills that are mandatory to land in a high position. When you learn about these fundamental SQL concepts with the help of a hands-on and practical training approach, you will be efficiently prepared to handle all advanced concepts based on SQL. And last but not the least, certification training is indeed necessary to pass through the SQL certification exam, and thus become a certified SQL professional.

Final Word

SQL is a universal coding language that will further help you to transform your training into other computer languages, such as JavaScript as well as python. Since SQL does not need any prior experience or knowledge of the programming world, it is the best coding language to learn!



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