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What To Look for In a Graphic Hoodie

It’s hard to think of a more loved item of clothing than the classic hoodie. This sweater jacket is as versatile and laid back as it comes and can fit almost any situation on a casual day. Comfortable and effective, the hoodie is a  perfect choice for an evening out with friends at your favorite bar or an early morning hike.

The stereotype of men not enjoying the clothes shopping experience is by far a stereotype that does not implicate all men. There are plenty of guys out there who love to put together their favorite fits from scratch. Finding out what kind of clothing you like can be a hugely personal journey that some men enjoy or are even passionate about. For instance, discovering your favorite clothes, whether you enjoy blends, what styles you most prefer, and then understanding the brands that give you all of this.

Into The Am is a clothing company that believes in helping people find their personal expression by creating some of their favorite items of clothing. With inspired cuts and creative prints, these quality pieces are meant to help you live your best life and find real joy in the threads you wear.

Clothing is an exciting form of self-expression and a lifelong journey of self-discovery. Your journey with clothing is something that can change, grow and even re-shape over your lifetime. It’s always a place to come back to and to discover more about who you are and how you are growing.

If you are a seasoned clothes shopper, or you might just be starting out, here is everything you need to know about what to look for in a men’s graphic hoodie.

Why Should You Have a Hoodie?

For most people, one of their favorite pieces in their wardrobe is a faithful hoodie. There’s nothing else quite like those few pieces of clothing you’ve had for years that have never let you down. Everyone knows what it’s like when their favorite pair of jeans rips, or their favorite sneakers grow irreparable holes. While it’s exciting to think about getting something new in your closet from time to time, these items grow a sort of sentimental value.

One of the main reasons you should have a hoodie in your wardrobe is that’s a universal go-to. A great-looking hoodie is an absolute no-brainer when it comes to everything from a last-minute morning game of basketball, to whether you decide to go for walk after dinner in cooler weather. It’s easy, convenient, and can go with about anything you throw it with.

What’s more, is that when you pair this kind of versatility with quality production and a great graphic, you can feel confident in your choice no matter what.

Comfort is King

Most men shop for their comfort, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with this. When you get a hoodie, you should be getting something that you look forward to wearing until it’s threadbare. The hoodie is that one piece of clothing, that any time the weather’s a bit cooler, or maybe even the AC indoors is a bit intense, you should be automatically using.

This isn’t an accent piece that you may use from time to time, you’ll be donning a hoodie often. That’s one of the main reasons why you should be looking for high-quality materials that feel great as well as look great.

This also means that you should shop for a hoodie that you can wear over things. While your preference is style is your own, a great hoodie is going to have some give to it. Whether that’s oversized or just a size up from your regular, get a hoodie with a bit of room.

Look Amazing With a Graphic Hoodie

While some men are more prone to shop for comfort first, a mens graphic hoodie is a great place to keep your style fresh. Graphics provide a way of showing a little bit of yourself to the world and allow for a unique form of self-expression. Not only that, but graphic hoodies are just straight-up fun.

When looking for a graphic hoodie, you should only get something that you are in love with. The design, the colors, and the intensity need to be just right for you.

If you aren’t looking for a statement piece, but you want something a little different, look for a graphic with more muted colors, and maybe a subtle design. On the other hand, if this is going to be your main choice for the basketball court or those early morning runs with your best friend, get a hoodie that’s a little louder!


The most important thing to remember is that there is no wrong option when it comes to looking for a mens graphic hoodie. A hoodie will most likely become one of your favorite pieces in your wardrobe, so don’t sweat it. Choose what you think you’ll love the most and then simply enjoy your hoodie as often as possible.

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