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4 Musicians Who Have Proved That Blues-Rock Is the Perfect Date Music

Blues-rock is a spoken genre of music that allows musicians to express themselves in simple phrases: they play so little, but they tell us so much. It surrounds us everywhere, and even if you are an avid metal or rocker, you definitely heard it in the songs of popular bands, most of which, by the way, are based on the blues gamut.

We did not set ourselves the task of telling about the immortal classics like B.B. King or Robert Johnson. Root blues is very influential but sounds the same to the listener who is not familiar with the genre. We will try to show how huge and multifaceted the blues are, and introduce musicians who are rethinking the genre in all its manifestations and prove that this music is perfect for dates with Russian women for marriage. You can hear almost everything in their songs: rock, jazz, soul, and even hip-hop.

4 Musicians Who Have Proved That Blues-Rock Is the Perfect Date Music

1.   John Mayer

John has always been melodic; even his last album turned out to be surprisingly soft: here you can hear soul and even country. With his songs, John not only drives 16-year-old girls crazy in the USA but also remains a real professional musician, constantly evolves, and each time brings something new to his music. His songs are about everything — love, life, personal relationships. If performed by someone else, they would most likely become regular folk songs. But thanks to John’s soft voice combined with blues, soul, and other genres, they become what they are. And you certainly will not want to turn off any of his songs.

2.   Susan Tedeschi and Derek Trucks

They instantly sell out all tickets for concerts in the United States, and everyone raves about their shows. Their band keeps all the traditions of American blues and soul. The slide guitar perfectly complements Tedeschi’s velvety voice, and if, in terms of technique, Derek is in some way better than his guitarist wife, then he does not overshadow her at all. Their music is the perfect fusion of blues, funk, soul, and country.

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3.   Gary Clark Jr.

The favorite musician of Barack Obama, Gary is the most innovative artist of the last decade. While all the girls in the USA are crazy about him (and about John Mayer, of course), Gary, with his fuzz, turns music into a psychedelic mixture of blues, soul, and hip-hop. The musician was brought up under the strict guidance of Jimmie Vaughn, brother of Stevie Ray, and listened to everything that came to hand — from country to blues. All this can be heard on his first album in 2004, 110, where you can hear classic blues, soul, and country, and nothing is out of the place in the style of the album, the black folk music of Mississippi of the 50s.

4.   Philip Sayce

Philip Sayce is a guitarist from Toronto whose performance is so impressive that he was invited to take part in Eric Clapton’s Crossroads Guitar Festival. Many will find similarities between Philip Sayce and Stevie Ray. However, Philip’s sound differs from his ideological mastermind: it sounds more modern and heavy.


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