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Benefits of Buying E-cigarette Wholesale Canada

E-cigarettes were first introduced around 2006 and ever since their popularity has been rising. The number of e-cigarette users (especially among the youth) has exponentially grown year-on-year). This growth is mainly because of how convenient e-cigarette devices can be. E-cigarettes also are considered to be a less harmful option compared to smoking traditional cigarettes and better still, they come in different types and flavors.

E-cigarettes are battery-operated devices where batteries are used to heat vape juices to produce a vapour which is then inhaled. Some of these vape juices contain nicotine while others do not. The e-cigarette industry is constantly evolving and new types of devices including tanks and mods have been introduced.

The vaping culture is growing in several countries including Canada and the USA; and as such, if you are operating a vape shop, you might want to consider buying e-liquid wholesale in Canada. You will not lack buyers for your stock because many people are now getting into vaping and some are even using e-cigarettes to help them quit smoking. In this post, we discuss the benefits of buying e-cigarette wholesale in Canada.

Why buy e-cigarette wholesale in Canada?

Smoking traditional cigarettes can lead to several health problems because of the carcinogens they release into the air when they burn. E-cigarettes, on the other hand, are considered safe and selling these products can contribute to keeping our environment smoke-free and allow you to earn some income as well. Some of the benefits of buying e-liquid in Canada wholesale include:

Adding value to your shop

The business world is highly competitive now and you must constantly stay a step ahead of your competitors to stay in business. One of the ways of achieving this is introducing newer and better products that your competitors do not have. When you buy e-liquid vapour wholesale in Canada from top manufacturers such as Epuffer wholesale, you can greatly improve the appeal of your shop and attract new customers.

Better still, when you source your e-cigarette products from ePuffer, you will be assigned a sales representative who will guide you on how to get started. Any support or questions will be quickly addressed by the representative assigned to you.

Earning great discounts and promo materials

One advantage of buying e-liquid wholesale in Canada from ePuffer is that you receive amazing discounts, free promotional materials, point of sale displays and sales leads as well. You need to invest so little in a venture that can be very profitable. Some of the shops that qualify to be appointed as resellers for ePuffer include vape shops, bars and casinos, retail stores, cyber cafes, gift shops, tobacco shops and many others.

Nationwide distribution

One of the things currently killing businesses is product shortages caused by inadequate distribution channels. When you buy electronic cigarettes wholesale in Canada and source your products from ePuffer, you will have to face this kind of challenge. EPuffer is a well-established company globally and the world’s leading manufacturer of electronic cigarettes. They have headquarters based in Canada, the US, the UK and the rest of Europe.

The various commercial-grade e-cigarette devices from ePuffer are distributed nationwide through a well-established distribution network. Their e-cigarette devices are of ISO quality making them the best in the market. Take this opportunity to increase your revenue stream utilizing the nationwide distribution of e-cigarette products by ePuffer.


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