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DIY – Car Pre MOT Checklist

If your car has its annual MOT coming up, then it will be a good idea to make sure it doesn’t fail due to any problems that you could easily resolve on your own. Of course, MOT checks include things that the average motorist won’t be capable of sorting out at home but many of the inspections that are made during an MOT are relatively simple things. Failing your MOT because you haven’t carried out basic maintenance is a waste of time and money. So, what DIY checks should you be undertaking before your car goes in for its MOT? Read on to find out.

Tyre Inspections

Many cars fail their MOTs because their tyres are not street legal. In some cases, it is simply because they are not pumped up sufficiently, something that motorists should be checking every few weeks, at least. However, tyres can also lead to MOT failures if they don’t have sufficient tread depth around their entire circumference. Also, bulges and distortions in tyre sidewalls can mean that a car will fail its MOT inspection. Elite Direct offers their customers with highly professional car MOT in London and their skilled staff and technicians will provide you with the best service for your car including making sure your tyres are roadworthy.

Electrical Checks

Simple electrical faults will also lead to MOT failures. It is okay if the car’s radio isn’t working properly but if any lights are not functioning, as they should be, then this will result in a failure. Check the headlights, both full-beam and dipped, as well as the car’s indicators, brake light and reversing lamp. Your car’s sidelights and fog light will also be inspected during an MOT, too.

Screenwash and Wiper Blades

You need to be able to see clearly out of your car to pass an MOT. This will mean no cracks are forming in your windscreen, of course, but also that the rubber in your wiper blades is doing an effective job. Replace wipers that are old and ineffective while also ensuring that your screenwash’s reservoir is topped up.

Visibility Checks

As well as a clear windscreen, your car will need mirrors that are operational to prevent an MOT failure. This means that they will need to be checked prior to your car’s test to ensure they can be adjusted and aren’t so covered in grime that you can’t see properly when looking at their reflection.


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