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The Importance Of Checking Tire Pressure

The tires are the only part of the car that remains in contact with the road, so their correct operation is vital to guarantee safety on board, and one of the main problems with tires is precisely the level of pressure, both for excess as default

There is a high percentage of drivers who do not know how to identify when their car’s tire pressure is inadequate. Waiting to see the tire almost flat is very unsafe, so it is convenient to know the state of the pressure inside the tires well.

Some vehicles have electronic sensors that indicate if the air pressure in any of the tires is outside the safe parameters established by the manufacturer.

This pressure is usually shown in SI units. However, this technology is not common, especially in older models.

For this reason, it is important to check the tire pressure ourselves at least once a month, especially if long trips are regularly made or on terrain that makes the tires suffer.

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Performance and stability improvements

Maintaining even and proper pressure on all four wheels allows the vehicle to have a correct position and reduces roll. In addition, it prevents loss of control while driving and minimizes the possibility of accidents.

On the other hand, driving a vehicle with low tire pressure can cause mechanical damage to the car, such as suspension damage. To older people, there is the disadvantage of increased fuel consumption.

Some of the vehicles that suffer the most in relation to tire damage are SUVs. These large models support many kilograms of weight on all four wheels, which suffer even more with extreme driving, in adverse environmental conditions or with great traction needs.

security against saving

Every driver takes into account the expenses that his vehicle entails. The intention to save sometimes goes against security, which increased even more during the hardest years of the economic crisis. Because of this, many drivers try to get the most out of their car’s tires.

This situation is a real danger both for them and for other drivers. When it comes to saving, the best thing to keep in mind is efficient driving, which will result in less tire wear and an increase in their useful life.

And that is what must be taken into account: the useful life. This will be the time in which the tire can function safely, and extending its replacement only means driving with less effective tires.

It is very important not to forget that tires are one of the most important elements of the vehicle in relation to safety. This can mean a significant outlay, but it will be a key factor in avoiding future road accidents.

How to detect irregularities in pressure

In case the vehicle does not have a pressure measurement system that allows the pilot to control the pressure at any time, it will be important to measure it manually. The first step in checking the pressure is a quick visual check.

The surface of the wheel that remains in contact with the ground at all times is known as the ‘grip zone’. This surface must have a certain value, so that it maintains sufficient grip without excessive fuel consumption.

When the wheel is correctly inflated the tire will have a flat grip zone, so the entire surface of the wheel will be in contact with the ground. On the other hand, if the pressure in the tire is too low, an inward curve of the wheel may be noticeable.

Therefore, the tire will form an arc with the ground and the grip zone will decrease. If the pressure is too high, what can be seen will be an inverted arc, so that the grip zone of the wheel is also reduced.

Finally, you just have to have at hand the element with which gas pressures are measured, known as a manometer. This device is composed of a sphere similar to that of a clock, and a tube that connects to the air inlet of the tire.

Connecting this tube, the pressure gauge needle will indicate the tire pressure, which must be checked with the values established by the manufacturer. By following these tips, we will control the consumption and safety of our vehicle in motion.


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