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Eco-friendly packaging is the best solution for brands

Companies are commendable for trying to tackle environmental issues, but not enough to make their brand visible in a crowded market. Moreover, even the presence of Instagram accounts does not always help to get promoted. Often their managers buy Instagram followers but the audience needs something different.

Now we need a completely different approach. You need to look for your uniqueness and show it to consumers in all areas, including plans to achieve green goals. This approach can provide a competitive advantage over others. Probably if you come up with something unique, then you will not have to promote yourself using social networks and buy real Instagram followers. You can expand your audience without additional investment.

Be different and show yourself

Eco-friendly packaging should be seen as an opportunity to stand out, instead of being made like everyone else. This is a chance to create a unique experience that consumers will appreciate.

To find their unique approach to packaging, brands must pay attention to function and form. If the company is doing well with functionality, then the form will help differentiate.

One of the opportunities for quality improvement of packaging is digital technology. For example, augmented reality. With its help, you can not only attract consumers, but also reduce the volume of printing.

Another unique aspect of the development approach is responsibility towards ourselves and consumers. The company must regularly communicate with users to figure out how to simplify delivery, solve problems, help customers find out important information, publicly admit its mistakes.

Many brands can benefit from this level of transparency. A company that is open to consumers is likely to receive positive feedback for its honesty.

Additionally, rethinking a product’s form of release can help brands engage consumers with new uses. For example, some cosmetics companies offer handwashing powder in the form of a powder that turns into soap when it comes into contact with water. This not only means that such a product can be wrapped in paper instead of plastic. This packaging takes up less space during transport, further reducing the environmental impact.

Use paper

Many companies are now moving away from plastic in favor of paper bags. Some companies are already using biodegradable labels, bags and boxes, and bottling water in herbal packaging. This is an example of how brands in the hygiene and food industries are switching to paper packaging.

However, even such a policy does not mean that there is no harm to the planet. The growing popularity of paper has led to a sharp increase in demand. And this entailed additional deforestation.

The consumption of paper also increased after the massive shift to online shopping caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. In the eyes of environmentally conscious consumers, excessive paper packaging undermines any sustainable development initiative.


The future of companies that take positive steps to protect the environment looks promising. Those who do not accept a sustainable future are left behind.

But it is worth understanding that it is not enough just to give up plastic and use an alternative, for example, paper. We need to find packaging that meets the expectations of sustainable development and at the same time emphasizes the uniqueness of their proposal.


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